Thursday, November 15, 2018

Love Our Lurkers - Rainbow Quiz

I don't know if I have any lurkers since I am a fairly new blogger, but if I do, I certainly welcome you here any time!  So, you don't have to feel pressure to come up with a comment because I am going to give you the opportunity to simply answer a few multiple choice type questions.

1. What do you most like to read about in spanking/dd/ttwd land?  (Please list in order from most to 
    least, for example,   B, A, C ! )
    A.  Fantasies of spankings
    B.  The physical details of real Spankings
    C.  The emotional aspects within a spanking relationship.

2. Which one of these 2 VERY SHORT posts was funnier to you?
    D. The Compromise -  Read it here
    E. When Spanking Leads to Laughing  -  Read it here 

3.  Do you think that our very own PK here in blog land land has a southern accent?
     F. Yes
     G. Yes
     H.  I"m in denial.

4.  In your opinion, are most of my posts:
     I.   Short.  (laughing!)
     J.  Longer than Meredith's (laughing harder!)
     K.  Too long for NoraJean's Frank to read in the mornings because his chickens are waiting! HA! 
     L.  Longer than, but not as sweet as 2 of Terpsichore's Thankful songs.

5.  There have been some amazing and funny comments here on my blog and others'.  Which one is the
      most memorable?
      M.  When Nora Jean confessed she has seen Big Foot/Sasquatch.
      N.   When Ella said, " Let me just lay this on the line, Ronnie. I would suck anyone and anything 
             for a grandbaby."
      O.   When Roz said her Rick flicked off her bra and it landed on his manhood!
      P.   When Laurel was writing about how she loves her dominant man and all the things he does to 
           make her feel his dominance, she got herself so worked up she had to go find her man to     
           jump him!
      Q.  All the times Rosie has been confused by my sports references.
      R.   Minelle's defining her own spanking according her Scottman saying hers would be called, "A
            whack of art!" 
      S.  All of the above !

I would be very pleased if you would join in and answer!  Thank you, Lurkers!!

And just to finish up the rest of the letters:

T -  Thank you for taking the time to read my posts!
U -  U are welcome to comment any time on my blog.
V -  Very fortunate to be blogging alongside some great gals!
W  -  Windy likes it when you read and comment.
X  -   XOXOXOXO  to all Lurkers!  
Y - Yearlong, I appreciate all the page hits from my lurkers!     
Z  -   Z  end! 

Saturday, November 10, 2018

What do you respond to?

We have learned as females that men are quite visual when it comes to enjoying the bodies of their women.  While Storm certainly is attractive to me and I am drawn into him sexually, I wouldn't say that my first response is simply a visual one.  While I do think he's sexy, and I have had my eye on his nice rump since I was a teenager, for me, it is more about his presence.

I also respond to his words. You know some of the kinds of things he says to me regarding submission because I have shared them here.  You also know a few of the funny things.  While the words that he says are always very important to me, the words that he doesn't say are very powerful as well.

I am also drawn to the way he smells and I have written about that, too, but it still pleasantly surprises me every time it happens.  Just yesterday he was carrying the big vacuum sweeper to the basement for me because he is Popeye and I am Olive Oil (plus another 100 pounds), and I smelled his soap on him....... his soap mixed with his own scent....... as he walked by me.  I didn't say anything because I was busy preparing for guests, but I sure did think about him.  And I melted just a little.

Of course, I respond to his spanking me, even if it is just one swat on the rear end as I walk by him throughout the day.  My body reacts.   The day after our most recent spanking time, I only said one sentence about it to him when a certain part of me suddenly twitched down below.  This shocked me, stopped me in my tracks, took my breath away, and I told him just saying those few words had "Grabbed me by the P-word."   (Rachel Maddow reference, but it's true.) 

One of the sexiest things Storm has ever said to me was about 20 years ago.  We were meeting in a big city ... his business base is there and I came by car. I was waiting for him with friends at a nice restaurant.  You all know by now that I am a tomboy, but I had dressed up on this day.   I was sitting at a table on the river where the patio part is set lower than the main street part of the restaurant.  I saw Storm walking on the sidewalk toward me from his place of employment..... through the railings I saw his shape and his snappy business casual dress. As soon as I was positive we had made eye contact, I recall wondering what he was thinking.  Later, once friends were out of hearing distance, he said to me in a low conspiratorial timbre, "When I saw you in  that dress, my dick jumped."  I remember immediately softening and that was 10 years before we'd ever heard of dd or ttwd.

What do you respond to?