Saturday, January 19, 2019

Spanking and steak -- How do you take it?

Me after a recent spanking, "What's it look like?"

Storm, "It's pretty pink."

Me, "It feels Medium Rare."


Please tell me how you take it..... your spanking and your steak!


Rosie, we all know that this is how red Harry tried to make your bum one time, but please feel free to tell us how you prefer your steak!  (Scroll down here to read Rosie's strawberry statement in the comment section of my Food and Sex post!)

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Good Vibrations

Recently, I was over Storm's lap for some very sexy spanking.  Holy cow, he had that whole finger-thumb-combo-smack-my-ass-thing going on, and he was saying incredibly sexy things.  "That's right, Honey, give me your ........."    (fill that in yourselves, ladies!).   In my head, I was all, "Oh, just TAKE it!"

I don't always like to orgasm before Storm, but it's a tricky situation.  He can get me there with his hands first, but I still want to be all in "You sexy beast" mode when I am giving him a blow job or if we're having intercourse.  As soon as I orgasm, it is game over for me and so I'd just be down there with lock jaw.  I am down there as his devoted wife who wants to meet his sexual needs and I do not try to rush him, but my point is that I prefer to be turned on while I am pleasing him or while we are pleasuring one another.  So there are times when he will use the vibrator on me after he has been satisfied.  This particular time, I was getting very turned on, the muscles in my arms, legs, and neck were straining.... reaching.... and then I gave him our private signal (like who else is watching?!)  to increase the vibrator to the next level.  I heard and felt the shift.  My body came off the bed like some invisible EMT's had just shocked my heart back to life.  My arms shot east and west, my neck jerked like somebody just yanked my hair (it wasn't Storm, I promise), my pelvis wasn't sure if it wanted more or if it was ready to cry uncle........  and I pulled my left hamstring which caused the heel of my foot  to be pulled backwards and up to my thigh.   I was now displayed like a pocket knife in all its glory -- with all of it's arms and tools open in every direction.   My mouth felt like Ghost Face from the movie Scream.  But, Storm said I looked hot, so I went with it.

Totally worth all the patience of getting there, the ups and the downs and the Am-I-going-to-get-there-or-should-I-give-up?  Totally worth it indeed.  Or so I thought, until I woke up in the middle of the night because I was dreaming that I was in pain from the tip of both middle fingers all the way up my arms and into my shoulders.  When I opened my eyes, I found that pain was real !    It was that deep, achy, super overused bursitis kind of pain and no way could I fall back to sleep without the moist heating pad and 4 ibuprofen.

The clitoris and the vibrator have a love hate relationship.  Back in the late 1800's, the first battery operated vibrator was not intended for use on "female hysteria."  So can you imagine the thoughts of the very first massager that was ever used for sexual pleasure?  What is this body part?  It's so tiny.  And it smells different.  Hey, I wasn't made for this.  I feel violated.  Wait! What's my safe word?!!!  Over the years, businesses learned how to tailor these love machines for the woman's body and with safer materials.  I bet the original ones were still pretty clueless. The new ones are smart and probably think a couple of things:  1) You'd better peak now, lady, because there is only one higher setting     2)  You think this level isn't enough,  just wait to you hit the next level up button......  ZAP!  Told ya!  You look like were just struck like lightening.  3) I'd like to file a complaint with OSHA.  I missed my break, I've worked too many overtime hours this week!   4) Wait, the guy that is holding me.... why am I doing HIS job?!  I've always heard robots are going to take over human jobs, but THIS job?  

And I as a woman, stare down at this vibrator and say, " I know what you're thinking.  You, shut up, right now, or I will take your batteries out!   This isn't about the guys....... this is about women finally getting our needs met. "   Of course the vibrator concedes,  All right, but when it comes to spanking, that is still HIS job.  I refuse. 

I smile.  It's a deal.   But, it is a really good thing that vibrators cannot talk, isn't it?  Or would it be more interesting if they did?