Monday, September 17, 2018

If Your Blog Could Talk Back To You

Every time I start to write a new post, I have a mental check where I ask myself if I am sure about what I am about to publish.  It is like my own blog reminds me of my TTWD  Miranda Rights ........

This is my blog, it has the right to remain silent. Anything it says can and will be used against me (including the comment section).

 Here is how I think that goes if this blog could actually talk back to me:

Are you sure you want to post this?  I just spent 10 hours on it and I am sick of it, so yes, I am sure!  Are you sure you want to publish it now?  Yes.   I's like 3 am in England, you sure?  I'm lucky if I know what time it is here in my own state! 

Have you had anything alcoholic to drink in the last 24 hours?  I haven't had anything to drink the last 24 (times 2) years.  Maybe you should.  Hmmm.  Perhaps I'll try that with the TTWD Girls Gone Wild bunch some day. Then I will write a book called ,"How I was Corrupted at the age of 50 by the Baby Boomers."

Are you of a clear and sound mind?  After a good spanking, yes.  

Are you under the care of an HOH?  Does he know you're posting this?   Oh, yes, I am under his care, his thumb, his hand, his........ lots of good things.   He doesn't care what I post as long as I don't blog that his brand new cell phone is rose gold same as mine.  He says his is called "balls gold," and that he is secure enough in his manhood to have a salmon covered metallic phone.  He also adds, "I don't care."

Here's a thought: If you're upset with one specific person, how about you just talk individually to that person instead of venting about it here?   Because they're not IN blog land and that is the purpose for me to vent and him/her not to see it and then I don't have to answer for it!  HA! Free therapy for me! How is that fair to your blogging friends to make them read for your free therapy?  I would ask you to remember that I read their blogs, too.

Are you sure you want to be this vague?  The gals will have no idea what you're referring to.  I don't think they know half the time anyway.

This is very kinky writing, are you sure you want the girls to read this?  Hmm, maybe you're right.  I'll send it to PK and steam up her blog for FF instead!!

Are you sure you want to post this poem?  Most people don't get poetry unless they write it themselves and even then it's questionable. Yes, I want to post it because I was pissed off when I wrote it and it makes me feel better, even though one can't tell that from the poem, but like you said most don't understand or like poetry anyway, so who cares?

How about using less words this time just for fun?   You're talking to the wrong blogger, friend. Life is confusing enough to me.  I'm not shortening any explanation, ever. 

Should you be typing swear words?  Hell, yes. And ass isn't a swear word - it's a donkey and it's a president.

You do know 800 other people have already blogged every topic you could possible think of, right?  Hmmmm.  Every topic percolating in this brain of mine?  I think not.  Although according to my research, I am not supposed to be blogging until I have 100 practice posts, but I can't stop now!

Thank you for deleting and not posting that one.  "Know when to fold 'em." 

Are you sorry for what you typed when you were hungry?  No way, it was hilarious!

If you have a blog, what do you think it might say to you?  If not, what do you think some blogs should say to us crazy writers?  If you don't want to answer those, then what made you smile?

Thursday, September 13, 2018

To Be List

I am not a fan of the To-Do list very often here in my house.  I guess some of you gals  might follow this method and share it with your husbands and vice versa and then you all get sh*t done.  Good for you.  For me, I have done To Do lists but they tend to get way too long or the jobs are way too huge and make me feel overwhelmed.  It isn't that I don't have things I attend to during the day because I course I do.  I just don't write them down.  I just let them kind of hang over my head like a depressed little thought bubble in a cartoon strip.  And, no it is not working out very well, but thank you for your concern! HA!

I have decided that I would instead create a "To Be" list as this is a list I can continually work on as in I can never expect myself to complete it because these kinds of things just flow.

I Want To Be:

1.  A loving wife, mother, and daughter.
2.  A loyal friend.
3.  Forgiving of others.
4.  Forgiving of myself.
5.  True to my faith.
6.  Protective of my mind, spirit, health, and safety.
7.  Calm(er).
8.  Thoughtful.
9.   Sincere.
10. Submissive to my husband.
11.  Striving to help our home be a peaceful place.
12   Feeling less threatened.
13.  Listening to the thoughts of those who disagree with me (as long as they are not yelling.)
14.  Softer.
15.  Writing.
16.  Reading.

Some of these I am good at ....... some I have a long way to go......... and some come and go and that is okay.

What's on your "To-Be" List?

**If you read this post sooner than 6 p.m,, you know I need to add  "learning how to count" to this list.  Laughing!  I edited it....... to everyone else, I skipped a bunch of numbers!!! **