Friday, September 28, 2018


Best line?

1.   This is what you get for flipping me the bird.
2.   Will this cure my migraine?
3.   Come here little bug.
4.   Terps, does this count for movement?  Dare You to Move
5.   Giving bad head is for the birds.
6.   Ugh, it's morning and the coffee isn't ready yet.
7.   I said "Blogger problems, not logger problems!"  Grrrr!
8.   Watching through 9 hours of the most recent Senate hearings. Jerks.
9.   My spanked a$$ is about 2 shades lighter than this guy's red head. Ouch!
10.  Really, Windy, this is what you chose for your 50th post? 

Or what's one of your own?

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Any time I do something new in our marriage, I feel vulnerable.  Even simple things like cooking a meal that I have never made before or a dessert. Storm is a real trooper and has never complained once in all these years.  I have!  Me, "Ugh, I can't eat this.  How can you eat this?"   He just does.  He also likes it when I cook new things, so he is not going to complain about me experimenting.  Ever have one of those days when you're making dinner and it smells good and he says, "What are you making?"  Me, "I have no idea.  I am just throwing what sounds good together!"   One time I did that and he so enjoyed the dish that he wanted me to keep making it, so I asked him what we should call it.  He said,  "Majestic Interlude."   Ridiculous and hilarious.  Well, at least he didn't say, "Afternoon delight."

I remember the first time that Storm told me that he loved me.  I felt that I did love him, but I had never told a guy that I loved him before....... so I first tested to see what it meant to him to have said that to me because I was absolutely guarding my heart.  I asked him, "Have you ever said 'I love you' to a girl before?"  And he answered honestly, "Yes."   This made me feel vulnerable and I just could not say it back to him because I didn't know the level of love he felt or if they were just words to him.  I suspected they were not just empty words and that he did love me, but I needed more time before I declared my love for a guy for the very first time.  And so that was the end of that for me for a long time ....... until I knew that he loved me for sure.  Then I finally decided to trust him and I told him I loved him, too.

Sex can make me feel vulnerable.   If Storm  and I have not been intimate for a long time for some reason, a particular kind of vulnerability returns to me temporarily, until he holds me safely and gently in his arms and coaxes me to give myself up to him again.  Something similar happens when life has unfortunately gotten in the way of our spanking times.  Then on the day I know the spanking it to take place, I get all nervous again almost like the very first time we ever tried spanking in a dd type situation.  Whew, boy.  I get kind of shy and my tummy is all flipping around.   For the sexual intercourse part , an emotional and mental process  leads to physical changes in my body.  At first, we are lying naked in our bed stretched out next to one another.  He is on his side facing me and I am on my back.  And then he starts caressing places.  There are times when I roll onto my side to face him and I hide my face in his neck as I throw my arm around him.  "I'm embarrassed, Honey."   He reassures,  "Oh, don't be embarrassed, Babe, I've got you."   I feel safe with my face and lips hidden in the crook of his neck and shoulder.  He will slowly caress the parts of me that he can reach, which includes my rear end and that always gets blood flowing in the right places.  And slowly he will ease me onto my back once again and do what husbands know how to do before they touch that very most intimate place we gals hold tightly.  When he puts his hand there, I will often put my face in his shoulder again......... and he slowly keeps at it until I just start to relax and get more turned on.  Then the magic starts happening and I spread my legs a little wider for him, OR he will dominantly spread them for me, but not in a bossy way and not until he reads that my body and mind are ready.  He knows.  And then comes the point where I am all the way open to him, physically, emotionally, and mentally........ and it is an incredibly freeing and sexy thing for me.  Storm knows this and so it is all of those things to him, too.  And then when I reach that point of no return, the ultimate surrendering of my body to his, boy does he love that and talks it out of me sometimes in his sex voice where he knows he is about to give his wife the ultimate pleasure and he''s proud of it , "Yeah, Babe, that's it, come on......."    And I do.

I don't want to be invulnerable.  I do want to be a strong woman, but I don't want to be one that is incapable of being emotionally moved by Storm or by my close friends and family.  I get myself into trouble when I put up walls....... I am the most guilty of this with very close friends so I do have to be careful with that defense mechanism.  It is not good if I go quiet.  My good friends know this.  It is not an offensive strategy or manipulation on my part.  It's a temporary shut down until I process the feelings and thoughts that I need to.  And sometimes I wait until they reassure me in some way and then I feel safer to open up and trust them with my feelings.

I'm not crazy about feeling naked or exposed, but I do want to be able to live my life and have a few relationships where I allow myself to be unguarded.  Because why should I have to have a protective shell over myself with friends and loved ones who I trust?   I can't give of myself if I am closed off.  It doesn't mean I share everything, but I share what fits the friendship and the situation and the level of comfortability  we have with one another.  Except for Storm, because with him, I do share everything, "To infinity and beyond," to quote a wise man named Buzz Lightyear.

What are your feelings about vulnerability?  Are they good, bad, or a mixture of both?

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Will the real HOH please stand up?

It is early summer, around 7 a.m, and I am still on a writing high so I am wide awake like I have an early tee time for golf, but instead I just have a date with Blogger and Gmail and neither of them care that I have morning coffee breath.  Our pet cockatiel is perched on my right shoulder as I type.   He is looking out 2 windows and will become alarmed when he detects any movement whatsoever out in the yard or the sky.  I tell him that I am talking to my friends on the internet.  And then I explain to him, "The windows are kind of like your internet.  You can see this whole new world out there, but that glass is still there and you cannot get to your little birdie friends.  Both a blessing and sometimes a bit frustrating, isn't it?"  And he gives me a little chirp in response, so I think he is agreeing with me, which doesn't happen often.

Image result for dipping birds into waterHe likes his morning routine.  At sunrise, he wants out of his cage for a bit and chirps quite loudly and repetitively like someone is stepping on and off of a squeaky toy  until a human shows up to let him out. He toddles over to the mirror and  licks it in admiration of himself not unlike some of you ladies preen in front of the looking glass after an intimate spanking, I think.  He then wants to preside on the back of the office chair that Storm is currently parked in.  He peers over his shoulder as he watches the day begin and he makes sure Storm is logging into work on time.  Then he eats some seeds and millet on top of his cage, and back in he goes for a drink of water.  Exactly three  scoops just like one of those dippy birds.

 Pretty soon it is time for a birdie nap, so he puffs up and tucks his sweet tufted head under one downy wing.   And later, he squawks when he wants back out of his cage.  He stretches each foot backward and his shoulder blades and wings up and out, kind of like you do to warm up stiff muscles before a volleyball game, or immediately following an intense half hour on the spanking bench just after having been untied.  Or so I imagine.  And then he just spends the rest of the day expecting us to bring him human food, and generally getting into our business which includes jumping on our keyboards and prying the keys loose with his beak, looking at his reflection on our screens, and eating the paper we are writing on.  He chews the edges -- that is his known signature on all birthday cards here at our house. 

Through the years, we have discovered that he likes to eat little pieces of chicken when he would steal some off our plates, but we do not give that to him on purpose and we tell him it is an abomination that he wants to eat his cousin.  If we're eating cereal in front of him, he will want to be down on the table next to our bowls, peer over the side, and pluck out the Cheerios.  But, he prefers his Grape Nuts dry.  He always wants our bread and he knows the sound it makes when we take it out of the wrapper and heat it up in the microwave which signals him to shriek at the top of his lungs repeatedly until you bring him a piece.  Perhaps he is one of Pavlov's dogs.  Because he is generally very demanding, Storm often calls him Barky even though that is not his name.   He squawks so much that I often ignore him.  It's that same thing with your children where they keep yelling, Mom!  Mom!  Mom!  and you know they are well fed, dry, and safe so you just tune them out if you plan on getting anything accomplished in the next 18 years.   Storm often has to remind me that he wants a piece of my bread, so I hand it to him and he gives it to the loudmouth.  "Here's your communion, bird.  Peace be with you," says Storm.

Whenever Canadian geese fly over our house and call their noisy brawnk! brawnk!, our bird begins to SING to them. Whistle whistle........  he sings his own songs, often repeating whatever ones he composed himself so many years ago and then taught to us.  We sing his song, not the other way around.  Because these geese are Canadian, we know our bird is not a Trumpster (overly nationalistic) and we feel he has been listening to our liberal discussions here in our home and that he would have voted for Hillary in 2016 had he been given the opportunity. In the very least, had he been born in the year 2000, he could have helped Florida with their hanging chads on their faulty paper ballots simply by chewing them the rest of the way off.  Welcome President Gore!

He makes kissinh noises back at us, says his own name, a family member's name, and he sings a rendition of the Andy Griffith Show theme song, badly.  He does mimic a little bit, the funniest of which is a human laugh/cackle type thing and he does this when we are all sitting around talking and laughing ourselves...... he laughs right along with us.  But, he is not like a parrot or a macaw of those would be making spanking noises and saying things like, "Bend over."  There's only one male in this house that I take orders like that from and although he is hairy, he isn't feathery.

Storm and the bird do share an office, each having his own morning routine, one driving the other one nuts all day with his barky orders and demands to be paid attention to and to have all his needs met.  I think the bird believes he is Storm's HOH.  I am not entirely certain that Storm would disagree.

Monday, September 17, 2018

If Your Blog Could Talk Back To You

Every time I start to write a new post, I have a mental check where I ask myself if I am sure about what I am about to publish.  It is like my own blog reminds me of my TTWD  Miranda Rights ........

This is my blog, it has the right to remain silent. Anything it says can and will be used against me (including the comment section).

 Here is how I think that goes if this blog could actually talk back to me:

Are you sure you want to post this?  I just spent 10 hours on it and I am sick of it, so yes, I am sure!  Are you sure you want to publish it now?  Yes.   I's like 3 am in England, you sure?  I'm lucky if I know what time it is here in my own state! 

Have you had anything alcoholic to drink in the last 24 hours?  I haven't had anything to drink the last 24 (times 2) years.  Maybe you should.  Hmmm.  Perhaps I'll try that with the TTWD Girls Gone Wild bunch some day. Then I will write a book called ,"How I was Corrupted at the age of 50 by the Baby Boomers."

Are you of a clear and sound mind?  After a good spanking, yes.  

Are you under the care of an HOH?  Does he know you're posting this?   Oh, yes, I am under his care, his thumb, his hand, his........ lots of good things.   He doesn't care what I post as long as I don't blog that his brand new cell phone is rose gold same as mine.  He says his is called "balls gold," and that he is secure enough in his manhood to have a salmon covered metallic phone.  He also adds, "I don't care."

Here's a thought: If you're upset with one specific person, how about you just talk individually to that person instead of venting about it here?   Because they're not IN blog land and that is the purpose for me to vent and him/her not to see it and then I don't have to answer for it!  HA! Free therapy for me! How is that fair to your blogging friends to make them read for your free therapy?  I would ask you to remember that I read their blogs, too.

Are you sure you want to be this vague?  The gals will have no idea what you're referring to.  I don't think they know half the time anyway.

This is very kinky writing, are you sure you want the girls to read this?  Hmm, maybe you're right.  I'll send it to PK and steam up her blog for FF instead!!

Are you sure you want to post this poem?  Most people don't get poetry unless they write it themselves and even then it's questionable. Yes, I want to post it because I was pissed off when I wrote it and it makes me feel better, even though one can't tell that from the poem, but like you said most don't understand or like poetry anyway, so who cares?

How about using less words this time just for fun?   You're talking to the wrong blogger, friend. Life is confusing enough to me.  I'm not shortening any explanation, ever. 

Should you be typing swear words?  Hell, yes. And ass isn't a swear word - it's a donkey and it's a president.

You do know 800 other people have already blogged every topic you could possible think of, right?  Hmmmm.  Every topic percolating in this brain of mine?  I think not.  Although according to my research, I am not supposed to be blogging until I have 100 practice posts, but I can't stop now!

Thank you for deleting and not posting that one.  "Know when to fold 'em." 

Are you sorry for what you typed when you were hungry?  No way, it was hilarious!

If you have a blog, what do you think it might say to you?  If not, what do you think some blogs should say to us crazy writers?  If you don't want to answer those, then what made you smile?

Thursday, September 13, 2018

To Be List

I am not a fan of the To-Do list very often here in my house.  I guess some of you gals  might follow this method and share it with your husbands and vice versa and then you all get sh*t done.  Good for you.  For me, I have done To Do lists but they tend to get way too long or the jobs are way too huge and make me feel overwhelmed.  It isn't that I don't have things I attend to during the day because I course I do.  I just don't write them down.  I just let them kind of hang over my head like a depressed little thought bubble in a cartoon strip.  And, no it is not working out very well, but thank you for your concern! HA!

I have decided that I would instead create a "To Be" list as this is a list I can continually work on as in I can never expect myself to complete it because these kinds of things just flow.

I Want To Be:

1.  A loving wife, mother, and daughter.
2.  A loyal friend.
3.  Forgiving of others.
4.  Forgiving of myself.
5.  True to my faith.
6.  Protective of my mind, spirit, health, and safety.
7.  Calm(er).
8.  Thoughtful.
9.   Sincere.
10. Submissive to my husband.
11.  Striving to help our home be a peaceful place.
12   Feeling less threatened.
13.  Listening to the thoughts of those who disagree with me (as long as they are not yelling.)
14.  Softer.
15.  Writing.
16.  Reading.

Some of these I am good at ....... some I have a long way to go......... and some come and go and that is okay.

What's on your "To-Be" List?

**If you read this post sooner than 6 p.m,, you know I need to add  "learning how to count" to this list.  Laughing!  I edited it....... to everyone else, I skipped a bunch of numbers!!! **

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Ebony and Ivory

Occasionally it feels like Storm thinks black and I think white.  Take today, for example.  I am trying to make some kind of writing analogy of how the black and white work together and become.......  well "grey" doesn't sound like a happy blend, so I am looking for a more colorful way to describe it.  I started thinking about the keys on the piano as the white and the black stand in stark contrast, but a pair of masterful hands works them together and makes beautiful music out of them.  I don't want it to sound corny, so I ask Storm of this subject of the piano of which he knows because he can sing and read music, but he does not play.  So I ask him how the black keys are different from the white keys.  He tells me the white keys are the whole notes and the black notes are the half notes.  Okay, I get that, but how do they work together?  He is just not giving me an answer that I can grab onto and he kind of claims not to know.  I ask him, how do you tell on the sheet music whether to play/sing a middle C or a C is that is an octave higher?  (See, I do know a little.)   He said you could tell by where the note is placed on the staff.   I say, "But, there are only 5 lines on the staff.  Don't some of those notes go way above the staff? "   Him, "Yes."  Me, frustrated,  "You don't sound much like you know your own staff."  (Yes, I mean his wiener.)  Storm doesn't miss a beat in this musical discussion and he replies, "Well, I don't know how it tastes.  You will have to provide your own insight for that.  But other than that I have a pretty good handle on it."   I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe.

Okay, so what a perfect example of Storm thinking black as I think white .... totally on the wrong page with each other, musically or otherwise, and then the laughter brings us back together again and I do not care what the piano keys look like or mean anymore as I no longer need the illustration.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Name that Spanking

Explanation: We've all read (and possibly blogged) about actual descriptions of different kinds of spankings, different techniques, implements, positions, and how we, as spankees, move or hop around during a spanking or if we can stay still. What  I wanted to do here was to do some creative writing with the all different kinds of spankings we get or what kind of spankees we gals are here in blog land. So I'm combining a little literature, media, and politics in my fun examples. With which of these do you most identify?

1. The Tom Sawyer -- Takes place with a switch ...... and a lot of hootin' and hollerin' when it doesn't even hurt this fella.

2. The Bible -- If it’s an Old Testament spanking, you’re in deep trouble because the HOH in the first 39 books was really pissed off and even set stuff on fire. Although, if you land in the Song of Solomon, you’re all set because that book is about sex so only good girl type spankings happen there. If it’s a New Testament spanking, then although you’re still in trouble and still get spanked in these 27 books, you are shown some mercy and you’re forgiven afterwards. Except for Revelations. Avoid being found in this book at all costs. This HOH in this last book is even angrier than the Old Testament one. My only advice is to look for Aslan and hang on to his mane!

3. The Fahrenheit 451 -- The temperature of your rear end after an unpleasant spanking that you really did deserve. No rubbing, no touching!!

4. The Cinderella --  Spanking takes place with a slipper, but not a glass one, more like Mulan's. 

5. Old Yeller  -----  Relax, nobody dies.  Other than that, you have to be over the age of 45 and make some loud and distressful (or sexual) noises during it to qualify for this kind of spanking.

6. A League of Their Own  -  There is no crying in baseball, but during a spanking it is optional.

7. The Laverne and Shirley  --   When your ttwd friend thinks you deserve a spanking and is willing to tell on you.  For example, when a friend asks for your HOH's email address so that she can report what she feels are spankable offenses that she thinks he does not know about.

8.  The Republican -- All spanks take place on the right cheek only. You are spanked until it is in a Red State.

9.  The Democrat -- All spanks take place on the left cheek only. You are spanked OUT of your Blue State.

10.  The Independent -   The occasional self-spanker when things are dire.

11. The Libertarian -  Nobody knows what this even is except strange and that Gary Johnson is spanked by the media for not knowing his geography.

12.  In the Middle/Oblivion:   A very very hard spanking for you not picking a side already.

13.  From Hillary’s team:  All spankings take place in a room with a glass ceiling, not shattered. yet.

14.  From Trump’s team:
You’re expecting to get spanked by an American man, but instead a bunch of Russians show up and take turns slapping the heck out of your ass.

15.  From Bernie Sander's Ideology
The belief that spankings are NOT solely reserved just for the top 1/10 of 1 percent of blog land. Public college tuition may be free, but you will still have to pay out of pocket for your sorority/fraternity paddles.

16.  From Vice President Pence's Ideology
All spankings are administered by his mother, I mean his wife.

17.  The MVEMJSUNP -- Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and sometimes Pluto spanking ……….. Any time you are spanked into subspace.

Name one after yourself:  Here's mine:
18.  The Windy:  I like my spanking how I like my writing -- Long, intense, and thorough.

Which one do you like best?  And can you think of one about yourself and/or an idea that I did not come up with???

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


A few weeks ago, I received the exact same piece of advice from three separate sources within a 12 hour period.  The first was from someone who knows me fairly well, the second has no idea that I even exist on the face of the planet, and the third came through some reading that I was doing. It should be noted that in all three cases, I wasn't asking for advice at the time, but apparently I didn't need to because it just kept coming my way. The good advice that I have received is just one simple, but powerful word:  Relax.

Google (who probably stole it from Webster).... defines the word "relax" as   "to make less tense or anxious."  Oh, I like that one. Yes, more of that in my life, please and thank you. This makes me think of taking a big breath but in two different ways.  One is to do it on purpose using the 4-7-8 method.  You can Google that one, or maybe they traded information with Webster, and he has it, I do not know.  This will slow the heart rate and calm my butt down.  But, the other kind of taking a deep breath to me just happens naturally. When Storm is spanking me there is a point usually at least several minutes into the spanking as I am bent over and my upper body relaxes. Again, I am not consciously aware of this until......... there just comes from me this deep breath and then I completely sink into the bed..... and I am thinking about the spanking......yes....... yes....... Something just feels completely right. (I am not talking about spankings where I am being disciplined. Those are NOT relaxing, but the before and the after can be, as can the role affirmation and stress relief kind.)

Did you know that we're not supposed to tense up before an orgasm ?  I read that when you start to feel your way going up to the peak, instead of tensing your muscles and then relaxing upon explosion, to actually relax on the way up and during and that it makes it much stronger.  It works when I remember to do it.  YIKES!

The second definition is "to make a rule or restriction less strict without abolishing it."  Hmmm.  I sometimes get my hopes up that Storm will subtract some from the "tally" that he is keeping in his mind of my infractions if I think the number is getting a little high for my liking.  I may perform a sweet task for Storm whether it is something I often do or rarely do, and he appreciates, but then I ask him, "Subtract 5 from the tally?"  Him, "No."   I recently asked him why I got in trouble for one minor thing but not a different fairly minor thing. He said "It is the referee's call.  It's subjective."  Well, hand that man a whistle and a black and white striped shirt! (Rosie, that is a referee in a basketball game.)  He actually told me just today when I kiddingly lipped off at him, "Watch your mouth." Holy crap. That is a new one.  GEEZE.  It startled me.  I asked him, "Wait, do we say that in our ttwd?"  And he said, "Would you rather I just hold up my finger and then that way you know you earned a fiver (set of five) like I have been doing?"  Me, "Yes."  My eyebrows are drawn together as I type this.  I was not being mean with what I said that warranted the "watch your mouth" comment from him.  I was teasing him, but he is trying to be more dominant, so I get it.  But I don't like that phrase. Mothers say that phrase.  My mother said it.  I said it as a mother, too.  Of course, he can correct me, and he does, but I haven't just given him a blank page regarding my submission and so if something makes me uncomfortable, I will say something respectfully.  Notice that I asked him if we say that in twwd.  I did not tell him that we don't say it.  Perhaps it would have been better for me to have said nothing at all, but remember that just as he is practicing his dominance and I am still practicing my submission.

The third definition is "to make something less firm or tight."  Uh-oh. You know where this one is going, don't you?  Like less tight as in after-giving-birth-less-tight?  OH GOSH.  I recently saw an ad online for bras with very kind names for our breasts.  It called my saggy avocado-shaped breasts, "Relaxed boobs."  Oh, then let me tell you that my girls are quite relaxed.  Comatose, in fact. Oh, except when Storm pays them attention, then they perk up a little bit.

If you've done very much reading here at all, then you know how calm my Storm is and yes I still find it funny and ironic that I named him Storm.  When have we ever checked the weather radar and thought, "Oh, I am so happy a storm is coming through here?"  Storm doesn't go around the house, following me, badgering me, telling me what to do when I am all stressed.  He knows that a squeeze to the back of my neck helps me.  He hugs me a lot when I approach him.  And he will say soft, soothing, wise words when he's holding me after I say this common phrase to only him and no one else in my life, "Talk me down, Honey," when I am worried about A,B, and C or about A thru Z.

There is also a big breath and a sigh of relief that I have noticed that does not occur in me, but occurs in Storm.  It happens any time he is sitting in his office working at his desk and I approach him from behind.  I can rub his shoulders and massage his neck or just start caressing him and begin stroking his hair.  After just a minute or two, I feel his body relax and then I hear a breath kind of go out of him at the same time.  I love when that happens.  He's relaxing from my touch despite my anxious mind or actions. Those don't matter when I approach him like that. I don't know if he realizes this actually happens as I have never asked him.  But, almost always after I am done touching him in such a way he will say, "I like it when you touch me." I like it, too.

So pass it on, my friends.  Whether you say the word, hear the word, feel or help someone else feel the word, may we all take a big ole deep breath and ........ relax............

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Storm Asks, "Do you Feel Me?"

My husband, Storm, agreed to have another discussion with me Friday night and I am sharing a new discovery or two as we grow in our tttwd (wti) relationship.  I had a sexy talk all planned above the covers, once again.   Here was the first discussion like this in case you missed it.   A Message From Storm - Spanking the Secretary

I'd like to know what you think about two particular words.

What two words?

Bend Over.

I like to say them, but I don't like to hear them.

Hilarity ensues....... and since we're both still sick....... the hard laughter turns to all kinds of coughing over here.   We go from 2 chubby people dying in bed to 2 chubby people dying laughing in bed.  

When do YOU ever hear the words bend over?  Certainly not from me!

I'm just saying it's never good when I hear them.

Okay seriously, what do you think of the words, 'Bend Over?'

"It's usually the start of something good."

Do you know that I like those two words?

I probably would say yes. 

So I guess it's just something that gets me going then?

It is part of the whole dominance thing..........

Do you ever say it on purpose?

Yes, I have.

I remember the most recent time you said it.  It was during my last spanking.  You brought me up during the middle of it to talk to me and then you said, "Okay, I'm not done.  Bend over."  And heck yes, I obeyed.  

Yes, I did do and say that.

Well, I  really liked that.  My heart gives a little jump..... it's getting hot in here!  Here is where some mental stuff comes into play for me.  For the rest of that spanking and for all the activities that happened while I was still in that position which includes anything he wants to do with me....... all of that to me is because he TOLD me to bend over ......... and so the rest of what is happening is because I am still obeying, still submitting....... whether it is from further spanking or pleasure at his hands.  

Regarding the view of me from back there ......... why do you like to look at all that?  Because of the female parts?

What's not to like?  Why do you like ice cream? For a totally different reason, I guarantee you.

Visually, there's different directions you can go.  I can smack it, spread it, penetrate it, rub it........ all sorts of good stuff.

One interesting  thing about that whole thing down there is that it talks to me.  She does?    It communicates with me.  Does it whistle?  It gives me feedback.  Now, I get where he is going.  I  can tell if your body is getting warmed up.......  see if you're squirming at all,  if you're wet ....if the blood is flowing and you're swollen ..........  

What about the spanking part of what is going on back there?

Spanking ......... is another form of touching. It brings out feelings in you that you might not otherwise have.  It is a way to make you feel me.

Why do you say that?

It is a way to keep your awareness, get your attention or keep your attention........

You have asked me during several spankings, "Do you feel me?"   You've asked me afterwards, too, like later in the day..... "Do you feel me?"    Why do you like that?   Maybe that for you is like the words, "Bend over" for me.......??

I want to make sure you felt the energy I was giving to you.  That what I was giving was being received. 

That's for during ....... why do you ask me later/after?

That's part of the power exchange .......   He says with clinched teeth and a growl, "Do you feel me?" My answer is always, "Yes, Sir !"

P.S. Later on that evening, Storm officially came to bed and we were talking about this blog entry, but not for the record even though I am telling you now. I just wanted to know more and hear more about when he said, "Spanking brings out feelings in you that you might not otherwise have."  I asked him what he thought those were. He claimed that he didn't know for sure since he is not in my head, but he sooooo is inside my head, ladies! And even though we are fighting the same dreaded lurgy as a friend just introduced me to that hilarious vocabulary earlier today, we did our best not to share more germs, but we shared everything else in body and in mind and with many many whispers in the dark of night.....with the promise of those words to be acted upon again soon. "I know you'll bend over for me whenever I tell you to........." My insides turned to liquid fire. My body wasn't bent over in submission, but he pulled me close to him, both of us now naked, and he drew my thigh up around his hip.  The perfect position for the Storm to Whisper to the Wind...........