Sunday, September 2, 2018

Storm Asks, "Do you Feel Me?"

My husband, Storm, agreed to have another discussion with me Friday night and I am sharing a new discovery or two as we grow in our tttwd (wti) relationship.  I had a sexy talk all planned above the covers, once again.   Here was the first discussion like this in case you missed it.   A Message From Storm - Spanking the Secretary

I'd like to know what you think about two particular words.

What two words?

Bend Over.

I like to say them, but I don't like to hear them.

Hilarity ensues....... and since we're both still sick....... the hard laughter turns to all kinds of coughing over here.   We go from 2 chubby people dying in bed to 2 chubby people dying laughing in bed.  

When do YOU ever hear the words bend over?  Certainly not from me!

I'm just saying it's never good when I hear them.

Okay seriously, what do you think of the words, 'Bend Over?'

"It's usually the start of something good."

Do you know that I like those two words?

I probably would say yes. 

So I guess it's just something that gets me going then?

It is part of the whole dominance thing..........

Do you ever say it on purpose?

Yes, I have.

I remember the most recent time you said it.  It was during my last spanking.  You brought me up during the middle of it to talk to me and then you said, "Okay, I'm not done.  Bend over."  And heck yes, I obeyed.  

Yes, I did do and say that.

Well, I  really liked that.  My heart gives a little jump..... it's getting hot in here!  Here is where some mental stuff comes into play for me.  For the rest of that spanking and for all the activities that happened while I was still in that position which includes anything he wants to do with me....... all of that to me is because he TOLD me to bend over ......... and so the rest of what is happening is because I am still obeying, still submitting....... whether it is from further spanking or pleasure at his hands.  

Regarding the view of me from back there ......... why do you like to look at all that?  Because of the female parts?

What's not to like?  Why do you like ice cream? For a totally different reason, I guarantee you.

Visually, there's different directions you can go.  I can smack it, spread it, penetrate it, rub it........ all sorts of good stuff.

One interesting  thing about that whole thing down there is that it talks to me.  She does?    It communicates with me.  Does it whistle?  It gives me feedback.  Now, I get where he is going.  I  can tell if your body is getting warmed up.......  see if you're squirming at all,  if you're wet ....if the blood is flowing and you're swollen ..........  

What about the spanking part of what is going on back there?

Spanking ......... is another form of touching. It brings out feelings in you that you might not otherwise have.  It is a way to make you feel me.

Why do you say that?

It is a way to keep your awareness, get your attention or keep your attention........

You have asked me during several spankings, "Do you feel me?"   You've asked me afterwards, too, like later in the day..... "Do you feel me?"    Why do you like that?   Maybe that for you is like the words, "Bend over" for me.......??

I want to make sure you felt the energy I was giving to you.  That what I was giving was being received. 

That's for during ....... why do you ask me later/after?

That's part of the power exchange .......   He says with clinched teeth and a growl, "Do you feel me?" My answer is always, "Yes, Sir !"

P.S. Later on that evening, Storm officially came to bed and we were talking about this blog entry, but not for the record even though I am telling you now. I just wanted to know more and hear more about when he said, "Spanking brings out feelings in you that you might not otherwise have."  I asked him what he thought those were. He claimed that he didn't know for sure since he is not in my head, but he sooooo is inside my head, ladies! And even though we are fighting the same dreaded lurgy as a friend just introduced me to that hilarious vocabulary earlier today, we did our best not to share more germs, but we shared everything else in body and in mind and with many many whispers in the dark of night.....with the promise of those words to be acted upon again soon. "I know you'll bend over for me whenever I tell you to........." My insides turned to liquid fire. My body wasn't bent over in submission, but he pulled me close to him, both of us now naked, and he drew my thigh up around his hip.  The perfect position for the Storm to Whisper to the Wind...........


  1. Here’s to the power of words...ttwd words, spanking words, love words. When they work that magic nothing compares to it. It’s nice to hear your guy has the gift of words, and/or gab! Don’t you just love these conversations!
    Thanks for sharing this one, it’s so sweet to read.

    1. Hi, Laurel! I agree that words are so powerful and I love the way you described them. Laughing... Storm definitely does not "gab." I guess that is what makes what he does say more important to me? He's wonderful like so many ttwd husbands are, right? My pleasure to share..... thanks for your important contribution to this post and all posts, Laurel! It is always lovely and helpful to hear what you are thinking! Hugs! Windy

  2. I absolutely love this Windy, and how you and Storm communicate.

    I'm sorry you are still both down with the dreadeded lurgy (yes, I use that term too lol). Same boat here at the moment. Rick first now me, though in my case add a case of raging conjunctivitis on top. Fortunately, that part seems to be almost finished (touch wood!).

    I just love how you two are remaining connected and having some fun despite it. I hope you are both feeling much better soon so you can resume the real fun :)


    1. Hi, Roz! Thank you! Well, we don't always communicate well.... we struggle like most couples, but overall we get the job done. LOL! Oh gosh, the dreaded lurgy is all over the world right now, it seems! What the heck!? People are really knocked out by this one, including you! I'm sorry to hear that! BLAH!

      I am feeling mostly better...... and Storm well enough for some real ttwd fun yesterday. Whew! I couldn't move for about a half an hour after that one! HA!

      Thanks for all the important things you add to every one of my posts. Thanks for sharing back with me and the girls here in the comment section. I always look forward to your reactions, insight, and of course how you're going to add to the fun here! Thank you, Roz! Hugs! Windy

  3. I hope you washed your hands before typing - I've heard of these computer viruses. I thought your conversation was wonderful. All I can say is that I'm jealous.

    1. Hello, my nutty friend, PK! Disinfectant is needed heavily around here right about now! HA! I haven't sneezed on my computer screen, so hopefully you won't catch anything. Sweet of you to say this conversation was wonderful. I agree ....... What was equally as wonderful were the things he whispered to me later. There was no spanking. There was no obvious dominance, which is interesting because usually I NEED a lot of that.... or to feel it....or think it.... Oh, and did I mention I whispered back? Naughty things? TTWD things and vanilla things, too. I surprised myself with the vanilla things. LOL! I forgot how good that could be, too! Thanks, PK! Hugs! Windy

  4. You know, it sucks being sick, but sometimes that downtime provides the perfect opportunity to have some really special and important conversation. Eric would say, you just gave each other the blueprints to make one another swoon. Yes, he says words like swoon. Anyway, keep sharing those insights with each other and even during the sickie boo boo days, you'll both shine.

    1. Hi, Amy! Sickness does put a different spin on things... talking instead of actual doing.... and then doing later, but differently than we normally would. "Swoon", huh?! I love that!! We need to bring that term back .... well, I think you just did! Blueprints, too.... wow, great visual !!! Laughing at "sickie boo boo!" You are teaching me all kinds of great phrases today! Thanks, Amy for your insight and experience and for bringing fun to this post, too! Hugs! Windy

  5. I love that you guys can talk about those intimate thoughts and feelings! Even though my guy uses those words often and they make me FEEL so many things.... him too.... he doesn’t always share every thought. Lol I love analyzing it all!
    At an older age it’s freeing to know that every connection builds on our intimacy, no matter spanking, cuddling or making love!

    1. Hi, Minelle! Storm sounds like your guy in that he absolutely does not share every thought, which is why I like to occasionally get him on top the covers for exactly this kind of conversations so I can HEAR and KNOW his specific thoughts. He knows my buzzwords, though, that is for sure! HA! The analysis is interesting for us, isn't it? I think that is part of the appeal of writing this kind of post and for us gals to read and then share with one another additional analysis. Insightful for all of us and fun when everyone joins in with their own take and experiences! This kind of older age does have its advantages, you are right and the intimacy that ttwd and sweet conversations in general brings to the relationship builds connection like you say. Thank you, Minelle, for your wonderful observations and dialogue! Hugs! Windy

  6. Windy and Storm,
    I love when you have those conversations above the covers that seem to change you as you go under those covers. Your dialogue is bullseye accurate and just plain hot. This ttwd does that and I call it the sexual fireworks magic we all crave. You wrote a most accurate description of what we live. How you remember it all after a robust session like that is way beyond me. I start with good intentions saying to myself that I will remember what he is saying and then the sexual magic sweeps in and my mind goes to many other things. Loved this post. Please tell Storm.

    1. Meredith,
      In the 2 conversations "above the covers" with Storm, I had either pencil and paper during the discussions or my laptop and we are both fully clothed. I type what I say and I type what he says. I am a decent transcriber, in case you haven't heard. HA! But, because he does NOT ramble and gives me answers on target, there isn't much for me to have to sort through although I do the actual editing later, but I have his exact quotes down already. So these conversations are sexy and intimate, but they're also kind of official. Of course I ask him things I want to know myself, but I figure you gals want to hear them as well because this stuff so applies to all of us here.

      In this case, we discussed, I typed, he left the room to do other things, and I edited. Later on that night, he came to bed with me, under the covers.... and then if you notice, I don't have any quotes for him after that because things are getting sexy here and nekkid and I am not "recording." However, when the man says some incredible things in my ear while I am naked and pressed up against him, I am not going to forget those words whether I end up sharing them with you ladies or not!! HA!

      You are right, this was some hot stuff. I honestly believe I will remember the "sexual fireworks magic" of this one for a very long time! Your Jack is so good at it, that everything to be remembered just flies out the window including your socks, I think. And good for you! HA! Thanks, Meredith, for the great insight and for sharing your very interesting perspective on things, too! Hugs! Windy

  7. I loved this second mini Storm intervew as much as the first, Windy. Your man is thoughtful and his words, enlightening, as, other than conversations with our own men, we don't often get to hear ttwd talk from the 'other side'. I will add Frank enjoyed this post as well.

    I am with Meredith, however, I don't know how you remember so much detail after the fact ... especially when it involves spanky fun in between :)) ... hugs! ... nj

    1. Hi, NJ! I'm so glad you loved this one, too! I know we gals care when important things get said by our men and we want to share when we can! I am pleased to hear that your Frank enjoyed reading Storms' perspective, too! Would be interesting to know his thoughts compared to Storm's! HA!

      Regarding the remembering this, I wrote the longass description of how I do things up there in my response to Meredith. I have a system! HA!

      Thanks, NJ, for joining in and thank Frank for me, too! Hugs, girl! Windy

  8. OH lol i hadn't heard Lurgy in forever, I'd clear forgotten the word till now. So thank you!

    It sounds like you have really good communicative talks over there, ill or not. It makes my insides flutter cos I can relate to when BIKSS says the same sort of things. Only, he says "turn over". And that thing about your lady bits talking to him? I smiled so big over here cos that's what BIKSS said to me once too!

    He tells me that just as I have a private relationship with Roger, he has his own way of understanding what my girly bits have to tell him! HAHAH.

    Oh these fellas!

    I hope you get better soon, both of you!

  9. Hi, Fondles! Happy to pass the word "lurgy" along as I just learned it myself! I learn so much here in blog land from you ladies! HA! We do well on the communications, I think, but dang we struggle sometimes too because he is just naturally not a loud mouth so sometimes I have no idea what he is thinking! HA! He's communicating with the spanking thing though! LOL! GAH! Love your and BIKSS similar forms of talking to one another's body parts. hahaha We're all nuts! Thanks for the fun, Fondles! And for the well wishes! I am much improved, almost well, and Storm is getting there! Thanks! Hugs! Windy

  10. I love the conversations you have...keep communicating and loving each other...wonderful post Hugs

    1. Thank you so much, Terps! We will do our best! Happy you enjoyed this post! Hugs! Windy

  11. I love this post, Windy. You and Storm have a lot of fun during your fact finding missions.
    Five years in, Harry and I don’t talk about ttwd much, though he does appreciate a bit of feedback now and then - we don’t have it all taped by any means.
    Rosie xx

    1. Oh, I'm so glad you loved this post, Rosie! Yay! You and Harry do not talk much about the ttwd, really? Wow, I find that fascinating! Well, you two must be right in tune with each other and read each other well. Good for you! Thanks for reading and sharing, Rosie! Hugs! Windy