Thursday, September 13, 2018

To Be List

I am not a fan of the To-Do list very often here in my house.  I guess some of you gals  might follow this method and share it with your husbands and vice versa and then you all get sh*t done.  Good for you.  For me, I have done To Do lists but they tend to get way too long or the jobs are way too huge and make me feel overwhelmed.  It isn't that I don't have things I attend to during the day because I course I do.  I just don't write them down.  I just let them kind of hang over my head like a depressed little thought bubble in a cartoon strip.  And, no it is not working out very well, but thank you for your concern! HA!

I have decided that I would instead create a "To Be" list as this is a list I can continually work on as in I can never expect myself to complete it because these kinds of things just flow.

I Want To Be:

1.  A loving wife, mother, and daughter.
2.  A loyal friend.
3.  Forgiving of others.
4.  Forgiving of myself.
5.  True to my faith.
6.  Protective of my mind, spirit, health, and safety.
7.  Calm(er).
8.  Thoughtful.
9.   Sincere.
10. Submissive to my husband.
11.  Striving to help our home be a peaceful place.
12   Feeling less threatened.
13.  Listening to the thoughts of those who disagree with me (as long as they are not yelling.)
14.  Softer.
15.  Writing.
16.  Reading.

Some of these I am good at ....... some I have a long way to go......... and some come and go and that is okay.

What's on your "To-Be" List?

**If you read this post sooner than 6 p.m,, you know I need to add  "learning how to count" to this list.  Laughing!  I edited it....... to everyone else, I skipped a bunch of numbers!!! **


  1. Windy,
    First your pace of blogging leaves me feeling like I am running a marathon. I do love this post. You do know I am a big fan of To Do lists. Okay............ I will offer one thing on my To Be list. I want to be more patient. How about that? I can name it, but doing it continues to be most difficult.

    1. Meredith,
      Let's see, I have only run the 1/2 marathon... and that made me feel shaky, weak, exhausted, high at mile 10 ....wanted that little cup of water/Gatorade at every 1/4 mile.... and I thought I was gonna die the last mile. And then they wrapped us in foil. So, if that is how I make you feel with my posting, then I apologize! haha

      Yes, you and the lists are quite good together. Okay, patience, huh? That one is tough for sure! Thanks for reading/commenting! Hugs! Windy

  2. Hmm...yours are good! I guess I would strive to know how to always help others. I also believe that being liberal minded means an open mind and open heart.... so trying to always move forward and work toward that!

    1. Hi, Minelle! Oh, yours are good... helping others, yes! How interesting, your ideas on being liberal. I love your definition of it and I have been working on that kind of thing all summer. And it's been a looooong summmer! HA! We will both keep working at it, I am sure! You are probably much better at it that I am! Thanks, Minelle! Hugs! Windy

  3. Hi Windy,

    I only occasionally use to do lists. Love the idea of a to be list and love your list! Like Meredith, I need to be more patient. I would also add less reactionary.


    1. Hello, Roz! You are a list girl sometimes, eh? Good for you! Yeah, that Patience sure is one that a lot of us need to work on, it sounds!! You're reactionary? I'm guilty as well. Good luck working on your To Be list! Thanks, Roz! Hugs! Windy

  4. When I’m stressed or busy, I write down the three tasks I must complete that day. The rest may have to wait.
    I’m another who would like to have more patience.
    Love your to be list, Windy.
    Rosie xx

    1. Rosie, Stressed would be me every day, but I like your idea of 3 tasks a day! Maybe I will try that with some smaller tasks ... Hmm. You made me think! Best wishes to you as you work on your patience, too! Thanks, Rosie! Hugs! Windy

  5. I'm simple with my list. It used to be to 'be retired'. Now it's just to be happy.

    1. You are flipping hilarious! Sounds wonderful to me, PK!!! Thanks!! Hugs! Windy

  6. A to be list... interesting concept. I told Eric about it and he told me to make an "I am" list. "You never give yourself credit for who you are and what you do," he said, rather seriously. I think that's a natural go to for women. We're often taking care of everyone else and then striving to make ourselves better, different. Next post, Windy, your "I am" list. :)

    1. Hi, Amy! Oh, I like your Eric's idea of the "I Am" list! He is right and so are you! Hmmm. Are you writing one first?!! LOL!! I'm gonna ask Storm to read your (and Eric's) comment here! Thanks, Amy, for contributing something very important here that I do need to be made aware of. Hugs! Windy

  7. I love your "to be" list. And I like Amy's Eric's "I am" list two. I want to be someone who never takes life for granted, someone who listens and really hears, someone is is understanding of other people's needs... I am kind, grateful, and loyal... As for my "to do" list...I have many... :-) Hugs

    1. Hi, Terps! Thank you! Yes A&E's idea is a good one, I agree! Your "to be" and your "I am" lists seems describe the kind of person you truly are just from my impression of visiting your blog. I hope you get everything done that you want to on those 'to do' lists of yours! Then cross them out with a black marker to say DONE! Thanks for reading and leaving a personal comment, Terps! Hugs! Windy