Thursday, November 29, 2018

What I think He Thinks

I, not Storm, wrote all of the following.  I was inspired to do this because I thought  if we gals would just slow down sometimes and see ourselves through our husband's eyes, we'd sure give ourselves a lot more credit and feel very feminine or sexy more often than we do, even when we're not trying.

Him:  I am just an ordinary, work your butt off type guy.  I love my wife so much.  I'm often dog tired at the end of my work day, but I do try to help around the house so that my wife doesn't have to do every domestic thing on the face of the earth..... well, in our house and in our yard.    I am quite satisfied with my wife and the attention she gives me in the bedroom.  I struggle with sharing my emotions and feelings, but this does not mean that I don't experience them and it doesn't mean that I am embarrassed to share them with her.  I'm not.  As a man, I know how to listen to her concerns and I honestly try to work on things that need improvement from my end of the marriage.  My wife seems to want something more, but I can't always figure out what that is.  And even if she spells it out in plain English for me, there are just some concepts that I cannot wrap my head around. What seems to go through a woman's brain in any one given day would be enough to make a man's explode on day 2.

If there was one thing I could change about my marriage it would be that  I wish my wife could see how feminine she is to me.   I wish she could see herself through my eyes because if she could, she would not feel lacking in any area whatsoever.   Just the touch of her soft hand upon my arm or leg or thigh as she accidentally brushes up against me in the kitchen or wherever makes me immediately aware of her femininity.  I look down at my hands and see the rough sandpapered callouses and I wonder how she could ever enjoy my touch the way I enjoy hers.   She is soft....... we are older now and both softer in lots of places, but she has always been soft and curvy to me.  I love the way she looks in jeans because I can see her tush.  I love when she is sitting around the house in sweat pants because that means she is relaxed enough to also not be wearing a bra under her t-shirt.  And although she might not realize how many times her nipples turn hard for various reasons throughout the day, I certainly don't miss when this happens EVER.  And, yes, it is sexual, but it is also just feminine and her ..... I think about all those soft places on her that she dislikes and I love ..... and then I see her hard nipples.  The contrast of her softly going about her day as her nipples are hard and proud just about does me in.   I am careful not to say too much about this because I don't want her being self-conscious and start wearing a bra.   I don't care that her breasts are lower than they were 30 years ago when we were first married.  Her body has become what it is supposed to be ....... it has carried our children inside of her ....... and nursed them to a healthy life outside of her.   And on this sweat pants, no bra wearing day, she often has her hair thrown up in some sort of knot on the top of her head, which she thinks makes her look sloppy.  But, I love it because I love looking at the back of her sexy smooth neck.

My name is Storm and I approve this message. 

So...... what do your think your guy would want you to know about yourself?  Maybe you could ask him.  That's what I did after I wrote this. I wanted to see if I could accurately describe some of his thoughts.   His statement in orange up there is the answer to my question.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Keeping it real -- TTWD Adjustments

Flat out, whether I am prone or bent over something convenient and comfortable, spanking is a multidimensional need that my husband is either going to try to meet or he's not.  As a prelude to or as part of the act of sexual expression itself, it's mutually desired.  Although we both love when I am more submissive and softer outside the bedroom, I am naturally in possession of no such traits.  My submissive cup barely spills over into the rest of the house, but our respective roles outside the bedroom can both hurt or enhance the sexual dynamics within our marriage bed.

There have been many occasions over the years where I  feel frustration when know I have crossed a line, but he doesn't process it the same way I do.  I have actually stopped myself sometimes and said, "That's okay when I say what I just said to you?  I can't imagine how that is even remotely acceptable in our ttwd relationship." But today is not one of those times, which shows us that we're making progress.

Now let me go invite him for one of our talks.  I gently ask him if we can talk when he is done working on his project, which is apparently wrestling with our juicer. Thankfully,  I see that Storm has the upper hand.   The real loser is the poor celery which is now just a pile of hapless dry pulp.  I peer inside and I take just a moment to recognize that the soul of each stalk has gone on to Vegetable Heaven.  NOT.  We all know vegetables are from hell.

When we re-enter the bedroom, he reads what I have written so far (minus the editing). We don't have a lot of set rules, but we have a few and Storm is very good about calling me out on those and holding me accountable and he never lets me off the hook even when I sweet talk him.  It's the other stuff that he finds more challenging.

The health struggles you have ... I always have to be aware of that because the situation is different if you're irritable because you're not feeling well.  I'm not going to call you out then.  I turn the ttwd switch off because I can't be in that mode of thinking.  Sometimes when you cross the line and get frustrated with me because I don't seem to notice it, it is because I forget to turn the ttwd switch  back on.    Storm is right about this....... it's an extra filter that is either put in place or removed because of circumstances beyond my control (migraines being the simplest and least personal example.) 

I ask him if he thinks I am asking him to be something that he is not....... naturally authoritative (not to be confused with being weak. My Storm is of great character and is my rock way beyond the scope of ttwd -- for all those situations when we can't take ttwd with us.)  He says I am in the habit of putting myself in the other person's shoes. I don't immediately think of how something makes me feel because that is selfish to be consumed with only myself..... I think about how you are feeling first.   And if I see why you might be irritated at the situation, it seems reasonable to me so I am not going to call you out on that either.  You're human.  I ask him if sometimes he's been too merciful. He thinks for just a moment and decides, "Yes."  

He also says that , "I don't always feel the need to be authoritative because we do not have much conflict.  We have a pretty healthy relationship."   He's right....... I am not a person that has to have things my way and he is definitely not a person that insists on things going his way.  He's very adaptable and given my personality, I think this is overall beneficial to our marriage.  However, I am encouraging him to stop and think about what he wants from me and how he prefers things because I do want to please him and I definitely want to meet his needs.

So after we finish our discussion, I ask him to help me put on the warm fitted sheet that I just got out of the dryer because I hurt my back 3 days ago from doing umm.......NOTHING!  (When one becomes of a certain age, one can go to bed healthy and wake up mysteriously injured. ) I tell him, "This is kind of romantic, Honey."   Him...  The man doing housework is sexy to you, huh?"   That is not what I meant.  I'm just feeling kind of clingy to him because these type of discussions about submission and dominance  make me just a little squishy.   And then he hugs me before we leave the room......... we say private things to one another.......  and then he says, "I'll try to be more of an a$$hole."   This makes me laugh, but we both know what he means.  Last weekend, we had 3 days of hotel time alone together that I did not write about at all.  It was just us for us.  But, while there, I was giving him a hard time about something or other, so he said, "You're supposed to lick my balls not bust my balls."    Well, that shut me up!  He gets authoritative points for that one for sure.  He gets humor points, too, but he doesn't need any help in that department as you all know well if you read here very often.

 I'm thankful Storm and I are growing on our ttwd journey, but we do have some hiccups.  So there's a day in the life.  I enjoy sharing humor, I get deeply involved writing serious things here, too, but above all on my blog, I just want to make sure I am keeping it real.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Crescent Moon -- A Friday Short

One night last week when we were in bed, Storm kissed me good night and then he spooned me from behind.   Well, my pajama bottoms slid down a bit and he could see the top of my rear end so he put his finger there to make me laugh.  Knowing that he and I were going to soon have complete privacy again in a day or two, I said, "You have all weekend to look at that!"  Then I reached back to pull up my pants, yanked, and they ripped and 1/3 of my butt was exposed through a giant hole.  Storm,  "Now I can see it all night tonight, too."

Then today after Thanksgiving dinner at a relative's house, I had my phone in my back pocket and someone texted me. It made the sound of someone hitting a golf ball off the tee because that is the sound effect I chose for notifications.  My SIL sitting next to me asked  loudly, "Did you just take a picture of your butt?"   Me, "No, but when I get home I will and then I'm going to send it to you!"   Storm, "I'll take a copy of that, can you CC me?"

How's the "moon" hanging at your house tonight?

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Earlier this year, I felt prompted to study something that has perplexed me and upset me for years:  Why does my religion that professes the unconditional love of God refuse to accept the LGBTQ community?  “We love them, Windy," I sometimes hear.  Me, "You don't accept them, won't validate their marriages, give them equal rights, don't welcome them to worship alongside you......... that doesn't look like love to me and I imagine that it feels a lot like hate to them."  I also hear, "You can’t question the Bible.”  I can, I did,  I am, and lots of people in the Bible doubted God at some point and still found their way.   God isn't afraid of any question that anyone has ever had for Him.  I also decided it was high time to take my head out of my rear end  (or the sand if that makes you feel better) because that is a tight fit and neither place is where God intended it to be. So religious hate, fear, and ignorance in the name of God is what I am running from and here’s what I am frantically sprinting into : the arms of truth.  Here’s how I’m doing that:

First of all, I would say that I discovered some truth when I found the sisterhood of you gals this past spring.  Embracing all things ttwd here kind of set my spirit free. (Thank you!)  Next, Storm helped me put some boundaries into place for the specific people in my life who are of the same faith as I am but who keep harassing me because we have chosen to accept the LGBTQ community in our hearts as well as with our votes. Writing the blog helps me, but it isn't enough and since I struggle with being able to read romantic fiction and write creatively at the same time, I know I needed to read something different, but I didn't know exactly what.  But, I thought I might know exactly who.

Meredith was probably cross-eyed from reading (or half reading!) my long ass posts in between airplane flights this past summer, so she would sometimes refer to her book reading.  About every 3rd conversation I would have with her, she’d be all, “Windy, you need books!”
 Me, “Books, huh?”
Her, "Yes, books!”
Me, “How are you today, Meredith?”
Her, “Books!”
 Me: “What’s Jack making for dinner tonight?”
Her, “ BOOKS!”
Me, “Really? What kind? Broiled Biographies? Melted Melodrama, Fried Urban Fiction, Simmered Suspense, Cold Cuts Classic Literary Fiction?"
She humors me, “Yes, but read this one first,” as she hands me the title of her favorite book of all time. Sauteed Sultry Tales of the South with Grilled Gargantuan Number of Pages. I kid you not, my first thought was, “Don’t you ever complain about one of my long emails or posts again!” Longest book I have ever read in my life. Best book I have ever read, too, and I barely survived the beauty of it all.

I don't like to push people.  I like them to share at their own pace.  I appreciate when I am afforded the same courtesy.  I'm more of a pull-it-out-of-you kind of friend.  Because of this, sometimes getting Meredith to open up is like trying to get the tomato soup out of a classic can of Campbell’s with that sharp triangular puncture thingy on the opposite end of a bottle opener. All I do is puncture it and let it dribble or plop out at the rate of which only the laws of science control. Or I can go read about life hacks and figure out how to carefully get her to open up that can herself …… and then sit down with her and have some grilled cheese with our tomato soup.  (Ignore the fact that she probably got spanked with the very spatula she just flipped those sandwiches with.) But do you see how she got me to read without even being involved in this conversation? She does that on purpose.  See how I just got her to make the sandwiches?  I did that on purpose. 

I have come to love the stories of some people who are more than just characters in books to me, which is good news for you published authors. I’ve read about atrocities of the Vietnam War both at home and abroad, and the humor it takes in some dire situations to preserve the human mind and spirit in order to carry the physical and mental burdens like millions of military personnel did. I have some imaginary friends in South Carolina whose families were difficult yet still greatly prized and within whom a sense of humor was held in place all along the way. I now know a little more history of South Africa and of the persecution and starvation of the Congolese as they fought and died in desperation for democracy.  Within the same story, I identified with each of the daughters raised in a religiously oppressive home.  I know real girls somewhere have been damaged throughout childhood just like me.  And I know that no matter at what age we were when we became aware that this damage occurred, that we have spent our lifetimes recovering and rebuilding.  And then we pass what we've learned on to the next gal so she may travel a little less bumpy of a road than we did.

I'm also learning through all of you. I love learning about the command and mastery of your individual fields of expertise, your sources of inspiration, facts, and fiction and I'm assimilating that with your advice and the healthier remains of my faith to make a stronger, well-informed, more appreciative, better balanced, smarter me. To my book-loving connoisseur and generous friend, Meredith, the catalyst and the quencher of my thirst for reading outside of what I could have ever chosen for myself, thank you is not enough. Nevertheless, you have my sincerest gratitude.

I think all of this reading and growing is what happens when some of the "noise of religion" is taken out of one's head!  It's a great incentive to kick hurtful beliefs and practices off of the heels of my Sauconys.

What are you running from?  Or toward?  And what have you preserved?

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Love Our Lurkers - Rainbow Quiz

I don't know if I have any lurkers since I am a fairly new blogger, but if I do, I certainly welcome you here any time!  So, you don't have to feel pressure to come up with a comment because I am going to give you the opportunity to simply answer a few multiple choice type questions.

1. What do you most like to read about in spanking/dd/ttwd land?  (Please list in order from most to 
    least, for example,   B, A, C ! )
    A.  Fantasies of spankings
    B.  The physical details of real Spankings
    C.  The emotional aspects within a spanking relationship.

2. Which one of these 2 VERY SHORT posts was funnier to you?
    D. The Compromise -  Read it here
    E. When Spanking Leads to Laughing  -  Read it here 

3.  Do you think that our very own PK here in blog land land has a southern accent?
     F. Yes
     G. Yes
     H.  I"m in denial.

4.  In your opinion, are most of my posts:
     I.   Short.  (laughing!)
     J.  Longer than Meredith's (laughing harder!)
     K.  Too long for NoraJean's Frank to read in the mornings because his chickens are waiting! HA! 
     L.  Longer than, but not as sweet as 2 of Terpsichore's Thankful songs.

5.  There have been some amazing and funny comments here on my blog and others'.  Which one is the
      most memorable?
      M.  When Nora Jean confessed she has seen Big Foot/Sasquatch.
      N.   When Ella said, " Let me just lay this on the line, Ronnie. I would suck anyone and anything 
             for a grandbaby."
      O.   When Roz said her Rick flicked off her bra and it landed on his manhood!
      P.   When Laurel was writing about how she loves her dominant man and all the things he does to 
           make her feel his dominance, she got herself so worked up she had to go find her man to     
           jump him!
      Q.  All the times Rosie has been confused by my sports references.
      R.   Minelle's defining her own spanking according her Scottman saying hers would be called, "A
            whack of art!" 
      S.  All of the above !

I would be very pleased if you would join in and answer!  Thank you, Lurkers!!

And just to finish up the rest of the letters:

T -  Thank you for taking the time to read my posts!
U -  U are welcome to comment any time on my blog.
V -  Very fortunate to be blogging alongside some great gals!
W  -  Windy likes it when you read and comment.
X  -   XOXOXOXO  to all Lurkers!  
Y - Yearlong, I appreciate all the page hits from my lurkers!     
Z  -   Z  end! 

Saturday, November 10, 2018

What do you respond to?

We have learned as females that men are quite visual when it comes to enjoying the bodies of their women.  While Storm certainly is attractive to me and I am drawn into him sexually, I wouldn't say that my first response is simply a visual one.  While I do think he's sexy, and I have had my eye on his nice rump since I was a teenager, for me, it is more about his presence.

I also respond to his words. You know some of the kinds of things he says to me regarding submission because I have shared them here.  You also know a few of the funny things.  While the words that he says are always very important to me, the words that he doesn't say are very powerful as well.

I am also drawn to the way he smells and I have written about that, too, but it still pleasantly surprises me every time it happens.  Just yesterday he was carrying the big vacuum sweeper to the basement for me because he is Popeye and I am Olive Oil (plus another 100 pounds), and I smelled his soap on him....... his soap mixed with his own scent....... as he walked by me.  I didn't say anything because I was busy preparing for guests, but I sure did think about him.  And I melted just a little.

Of course, I respond to his spanking me, even if it is just one swat on the rear end as I walk by him throughout the day.  My body reacts.   The day after our most recent spanking time, I only said one sentence about it to him when a certain part of me suddenly twitched down below.  This shocked me, stopped me in my tracks, took my breath away, and I told him just saying those few words had "Grabbed me by the P-word."   (Rachel Maddow reference, but it's true.) 

One of the sexiest things Storm has ever said to me was about 20 years ago.  We were meeting in a big city ... his business base is there and I came by car. I was waiting for him with friends at a nice restaurant.  You all know by now that I am a tomboy, but I had dressed up on this day.   I was sitting at a table on the river where the patio part is set lower than the main street part of the restaurant.  I saw Storm walking on the sidewalk toward me from his place of employment..... through the railings I saw his shape and his snappy business casual dress. As soon as I was positive we had made eye contact, I recall wondering what he was thinking.  Later, once friends were out of hearing distance, he said to me in a low conspiratorial timbre, "When I saw you in  that dress, my dick jumped."  I remember immediately softening and that was 10 years before we'd ever heard of dd or ttwd.

What do you respond to?

Thursday, November 8, 2018

History and the Story Teller

A fortune teller speaks of things in the future.  A story teller speaks of true events discovered in the past.   So, story telling is history???

Have you ever heard a terrific story teller?  It doesn't matter what the subject is because I'm drawn into the voice, the words, and the style of delivery.  Next, I'm pulled into the emotion, the drama, and the pausing for effect.  All throughout, I'm sucked into the emphasis, the humor, the time period and environment of the story.  If the person is with me live or on television,  I'm leaning so far in to listen, I almost fall over.  On the phone, it's listening so hard that my breathing almost stills because I don't even want to miss one word.  If I am reading it, I will do so until my eyes are blurred and my Nook is on the 2nd to highest font setting!  (If you put it on the highest setting, I think the words should just say  GO TO BED ALREADY AND REST YOUR EYEBALLS!)

As I walk around and around the subdivision listening to  podcasts with hosts and guests who are good story tellers, I can't help but wonder that some people look out of their cars or house windows and then see me....... with what kind of a look on my face?  They can see I have one side of my ear buds in and one hanging loose so I don't get mowed over by a tractor or whatever.  But, did they just see or hear me LAUGH as I am walking by myself?  Or have they heard me randomly declare, "What the flip?  Are you freaking kidding me?!!!"   And, "I didn't know this.  How come no one ever told me this??!!!"

And if I'm listening to anything where somebody has a pleasant Southern accent and it's a good story,  it's hilarious to me because I want to keep walking and listening, but I'm trying to work up a decent sweat for a healthy walk.  But, to do this when someone is talking about the South,  with that  fascinating drawl describing summer days, the heat and humidity, ice cubes melting in glasses of lemonade, fishin' poles and takin' naps?  All  that makes me want to walk S-L-O-W-L-Y.  How do you "hurry up and listen to a southern person?"   I don't think you do!  And why would I want to?!  (unless they're in the Senate.  Pfft.  *Hits the mute button. Hard.*)

So the thing about discovering truth?  Um, yeah, a lot of that is history, Windy.  Yes, I am finding that out thank you very much and I LIKE it, so there!   Apparently, history is not merely the memorizing of facts, dates, and the first paragraph and a half from the Declaration of Independence that makes little sense to you in middle school because the teacher failed to share with us in a relatable style as to what the flip it meant. PfftWhat was history to you in middle school, Windy?  It was trying to take notes out of the monotonous lecturing style of the blow hard at the front of the room and trying not to laugh at the whispering impression of the Swedish Chef from the Muppets that the kid in the seat behind me was doing all the time.  "En, bork, bork , bork!'   Yes, that is what I remember about my history class.  That and a very boring orange folder that held my even more boring notes.

However, that is all behind me now.  Har. Har.  Seriously though, authors new to me that know how to write a novel around some major history..... oh, yes, sign me up for that, please!  I want the influence of the different writing styles and the vocabulary, the facts of the past, and the culture all wrapped up around and intertwined with a good story.  Looks like I don't hate history!  Who knew?!

I have some great memories of some talented story tellers ....... some famous, but mostly just people I have encountered in my life along the way.  I won't reveal who my current favorite story teller is, but I will say that I hope this person tackles the challenge of writing his/her life story because it really is that fascinating and I am positive it would appeal to a vast array of readers.  If I had a story like that, I'd write it in a a heartbeat!  In the meantime, I will be reading, listening, and waiting for all the gifted story tellers to share, as Paul Harvey used to say,  "And now the rest of the story........"

Do you have a favorite story teller? 

Sunday, November 4, 2018


I am intense.  Who knew this?  Show of hands?  Not!  All right, put your hands down.  We're not on an exciting roller coaster ride and I know this because I would never be on a roller coaster. But, for most of us, life sure does feel like it sometimes, doesn't it?
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Occasionally, I am an emotional force because I haven't been sleeping well or it is health related so I don't feel well.  At times, it is that I have been paying too much attention to the news (but I'm not ignoring it because I do want to be well informed).  More often, it is the over-stimulation of me trying to get everything right, which is really ridiculous because I don't even come close.  Who does?  Because of my intensity, I can often only focus on one thing at a time. However, right now, I am listening to an audio book as I walk, vacillating between that and a recently discovered (introduced to me by a friend) podcast ....... and I am reading a book on my Nook as well.  I don't know what happened to me, (yes, I do, but I'm still trying to figure out a way to blog about it), but I am craving new information that stimulates my mind as it  fulfills this kind of a personal quest that I seem to have organically taken on.  It's intense!

Because I am passionate, earnest, and spirited, I get very frustrated and unsure when I cannot express to someone my feelings, my questions, my thoughts, my gratitude, and my sincerity.  I do not do this on a deep level with many people, so I am not out indiscriminately lookin' for love or whatever.  Ha!  But, for those very close to me, even though each relationship is its own, if you spook me, you'll know it.  If I am worried, I'll show it. If you upset me, I may not say anything, but you will sense it if you're paying attention.  If you're upset with me, oh gosh..... there will be tears and they will be mine.  But on the positive side that outweighs all the negative, if I like you or love you (and if you like or love me back because I am not a weirdo nor am I interested in 1 sided relationships), then you will feel it.

When I perceive an incredible depth in someone and even a complexity to them, it makes me take a second look at him/her.  I definitely feel this about Storm and I always have.  But, I also want to be around him because  he makes me feel safe.  He never makes me feel stupid for not knowing what he knows and the man would claim he doesn't know much, but he is wrong. I find it really attractive that there is just no judgement that he makes of me.  I appreciate this because as a result of my intensity, I judge myself all the dang time. One of the few rules that Storm requires of me as of this summer that it is a definite spankable offense is that I am to never make disparaging remarks about myself.  The idea behind this is that it will also stop me from forming those kinds of thoughts in the first place.  He makes me feel that I can ask him any question at any time.  If he knows the answer, he will tell me.  If he doesn't, he will find out and tell me or we will unearth the answer together.  Team Storm and Windy has been discovering answers to new questions we have about life lately.  It is so wonderful.  He's always been curious, but I'm a new recruit to a deeper level of curiosity. Now, one of my favorite things to do is to share with him a piece of information, perhaps a little bit of history, or a word new to me that he doesn't yet know.

Another thing is that Storm is complex in part to me because he doesn't get close to people.  He is very personable, sincere, and so very funny.  However, unless it involves his feelings of caramel apple pie anything, he doesn't like sharing his emotions. (Although he does enjoy civil discourse and he will share his opinions with you if you ask him directly.)   Here is this man who I think is amazing and he only wants one person in the world to touch him, hug him, talk to him, and be with him every day (and show him boobs)....... and that person is me.  With me, he will also share his caramel apple pie a la mode!

Storm enjoys the closeness that the fruit of ttwd produces in our relationship and the kinkiness the spanking part adds to our sex life as do I.  But I'm the one who needs it, in part, because it helps curb the more challenging aspects of my intensity.  It centers me, it soothes me, then afterward, I "soothe" him.  It's a win-win!

Friday, November 2, 2018

The Compromise - A Friday Short

I startle easily, I get irritated easily, ....... it's why I need to be spanked sometimes!

Earlier in the day, while driving, Storm didn't just sideswipe a curb, he drove half the car over it.  I don't know what the heck happened but it scared  me to death!

Later, I was trying to concentrate on some editing of my writing and Storm dropped a dish in the sink  not even 2 feet from where I was sitting.   I swore and almost fell off my chair.  Me, "Just for one day, I wish you could live inside my body to see what it feels like."    I was so aggravated with him.   I hate being startled!   Anyway, he hardly misses a beat, "We could compromise.  I could put myself partway into your body, then pull back out for a bit before I go back in."    That was it.......... I was on the floor laughing.......