Sunday, March 31, 2019

Desires and Distress

Back when Storm and I only practiced spanking as kinky intense foreplay, I'd spend all day fantasizing about what it would feel like later -- the radiating sting of that ping pong paddle on my naked ass, hearing and feeling the air resistance against the arc of the implement, the sexy phrases Storm would say as he stood behind me, and my occasional throaty responses that would push his sexual buttons. Intense intercourse inevitably followed as he worked my hot slick button....  but almost immediately afterwards, as soon as I started to come down from that sexual high, I started to feel a bit distressed, embarrassed .... and guilty.  Ugh! 

I was naturally doing things the way a submissive would during a spanking when I really didn't know too much about it.  When I would bend over the side of the bed and the swats would begin, I loved when Storm hit both cheeks and the inside of each sweet spot at the same time, even though it would be many years before I even knew what the "sit spot" was in a spanko's life.  My body responded by pushing its greedy backside up and out, hungry for more.   I didn't learn that anywhere.  How the heck did I know this?

Twenty-five years ago you had to ferret out a lot of sexual variety in books to find your particular proclivity.  Although sometimes I found something here and there that sort of got my attention, for the most part it was what I considered back then as Rocky Road.  I think this is where some of my distress and guilt stems from.  In order to get to the spanking part of literature, if there even was one, I had to sift through a lot of things in the world of kink that I was not bent toward at all.  (But, I was bent over!)

Please know that I am not saying that other people are wrong for what turns them on in a consensual relationship or what they like to read about or view but may or may not want to actually experience in real life for themselves.  I am simply trying to explain my own feelings for myself  within the context of my sexual relationship with my husband.

I admit that my sexual needs have changed a bit over the years.  I can now identify that they evolved into the need for discipline, but it never occurred to me that this kind of  relationship existed.  And then, Introducing the internet!  I discovered DD.

These days, I no longer feel distressed about being spanked.  TTWD has changed that for me and I really am so glad about that.  I'm not exactly sure why, but using spanking as discipline makes it more real for me.  Blogging wives/women unveiling their spanking practices together with their husbands/partners in healthy lifestyles has played a huge part in easing my mind.  And I do think now that Storm and I could perhaps revisit some of the kinky kind of spanking we used to do and I wouldn't feel distressed about it at all. (See paragraph 1, minus the guilt!)

I think I want 2 things.  First, I want the spanking to be real, and second, I want Storm to be in control.  The D/S  way that he used to spank me makes me feel his control, and the authenticity behind being spanked for discipline in TTWD is the root of my security.

Friday, March 29, 2019

The F Word

My favorite "F-word" is not fishing, although I do love it!   It's actually THE "F-word."  However,  another word that starts with F has been on my back for a while now and the word is  "Frustrating."

You all know how much I truly love my husband and how sweet he is to me and that he loves me right back.  Well,  we have had next to no time alone with one another due to unexpected company last week, limited time together on a regular basis for reasons beyond our control, and there was a big family blow up as well.  These are issues that are not going to just magically go away, but that will take time, effort, patience, determination, forgiveness (another F word!), and more.  Overwhelmed by all of this, I went to lie down in bed in the dark for about 2 hours and no, I did not sleep.

I was so frustrated that I didn't want to move, think, or be by anyone.  So many things have been going wrong despite my planning and best intentions (and Storm's, too), and it all just makes me want to explode.  Or shut down. Or both.   I was doing some psychology research recently and I came across a group of self assessment type questions and this one jumped out at me.  Do you make it a high priority to arrange your life to avoid upsetting or overwhelming situations?  My answer is a big fat YES! I will often do everything within my power to prevent relationship problems.  I take extra steps to make it clear that I am having this discussion with him/her/them so that there is no misunderstanding of each other's expectations, and I do this to avoid the big stress of "not being on the same page."  So when a major communication breakdown happens, as it inevitability does in all of our lives sometimes, it frustrates me deeply.  This is where the F word comes in handy.  I spent the first several decades of my life guarding my mouth, and while I don't regret it, I have decided that I am making up for lost time.

After lying in bed, I went back out into the family room where Storm was watching television and paying bills.  Two days later and I cannot recall exactly what I said, but at some point I announced to him that I was leaving the house.  I have not threatened such a thing in over 10 years.  I walked through our bedroom door and I could hear him getting up from his chair, so I knew he was following me.  I shut the door behind me.  Then I did something that I have never done before -- I carefully and deliberately turned to face the door, reached for the handle, and pressed the lock with my thumb.  There was something so satisfying about the sound of that distinct one note click.  I locked my sweet husband out!

I proceeded into our bathroom and was changing from my pajamas back into my clothes when I heard a loud noise at the door and then footsteps.  Storm appeared in the bathroom.  Me, "Did you just break the door down?"    No, he had not, but he had located the key and the lock made a loud pop! when he inserted the key and twisted it open.  He was standing there in his NFL lounging pants looking at me as if I had lost my mind and he was searching my face to find out why and how he could help me recover it.  Good luck with that.  As upset as I was, I couldn't help but laugh.  But, I quickly resorted back to explosive frustration.  I truly was leaving..... at night time.... didn't know where I would go, but I just wanted in the car and out of this freaking house and physically away from whatever problems invading our home....... (Yes, I fully realize that I was taking the problems with me in my head anyway!)

What followed was very strange.  Storm was telling me that he did not want me to leave the house, but I was not listening to him.  He asked me if I knew where I was going and I said no, I did not. While I cannot share the meaning behind it, I kept telling him that, "I absolutely cannot take this anymore.  I'm DONE with it !"   I am almost fully dressed now, only 1 shoe left to put on and I would be out the door.  Gently and calmly, yet firmly,  Storm grabbed my upper arms and walked me back into the bathroom and shut the door behind him due to other "ears" in the house.  And then he told me, "I don't want you to leave while you're in this emotional state."   And, then...... I just.......broke.  I put my head/face in his chest and just sobbed.

 So what was strange about all that is that I went from crying to laughing and then back to crying again.  I couldn't even avoid expressing 2 opposite emotions at the same time.  Weird and frustrating!!

Storm thinks it has something to do with the other F word in my life......... "Fifty".  I do not like that word at all as I am hovering somewhere in the near vicinity of that number.  Upon its encroachment into my life, it seems to have brought so much of that F-word, "Frustration." with it....... and hormones, or lack thereof.  Ugh!

That other F word, the F word itself....... that one I like.  I like saying it to be funny, to relieve stress (but not AT anyone, ever)  and I definitely like doing the F-word with Storm.   So Frustration and F***ing.  It may take a lot of the second to get rid of the first!

And, for all of your inquiring minds, yes, Storm spanked me the following night when we had some time alone.  "Don't EVER lock me out of MY bedroom, again!"  My immediate feeling other than the smacking on my rear end was one of relief.  He did not let me get away with it.  Good for him. And me.   And then my next thought was his bedroom.  I laughed out, "It's my bedroom, too!" But, I wasn't laughing for long.

Storm continues to help me find my lost mind...... I can't say he's been completely successful because this seem to be a recurring theme here lately, but I am pretty sure it's in my ass somewhere, and each time he spanks me and then loves me, he's getting closer to helping me find it.

Tantrum #357

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Sex Education in the 80's

I grew up just ahead of the official purity movements in the USA that swept through the 90's and continue until this day.  Overall, I think they do more damage than they do good.  Basically, I grew up afraid of sex and that fear was exacerbated by the fact that a close unmarried family member got pregnant just as I was entering my teens and the dating world.  It was traumatic and embarrassing for my parents because they were very active in "the church."

In my youth group, the leaders told us no Christian guy was going to want to marry us gals if we had already lost our virginity to someone else.  We also learned that we could date a guy and get engaged, but if we had sex with him, then he would lose respect for us and not want to marry us anymore.   (I knew a guy from my church who was about 7 years older than I was,  who was not a virgin himself, but he wanted to date and marry a virgin gal.  Hypocrite much?)  Christian guilt was my birth control and the key to abstinence.  I made it out pretty much okay and not damaged sexually or psychologically, but looking back, I believe the purity movements to have done much harm to many young girls just like it is confirmed by the author, Linda Kay Klein, in her book,  Pure: Inside the Evangelical Movement That Shamed a Generation of Young Women and How I Broke Free.

By simply not addressing serious issues and blaming the girls, many churches and the purity movements did great disservice to the girls who had been sexually abused or raped.  But to assume that any sex the girls were having was with their consent and not as a result of pressure from an adult male, possibly a relative and/or a man in an authoritative position at the very church who was presenting such purity movements was just negligent.  I was taught that girls should be careful the way we dress so that we don't lead the boys on. While I knew boys had to practice self control, the blame seemed to be on the girls for tempting the boys and making them think sexual thoughts.

I found keeping my virginity easy until about 2 and half years into dating Storm. Around the time we got engaged, he was the one who told me that I had a clitoris. I guess I knew I had one, but I didn't know it was the sexual organ that it is. I thought sex would feel good to the woman solely through penetration of her vagina by her husband/lover.

Masturbation was a sin in my world, of course, but I never thought about it for myself. I knew guys did it and they were supposed to feel guilty about it. Among girls, it just was not talked about ....... not in my groups of friends, anyway! I am a little glad that I did not know the power of my clitoris growing up. I would probably have been way less interested in sports and spent a whole lot more time in my bedroom finding out what that thing was truly capable of ! Laughing!

I knew nothing about sex positions.  I could not think of anything other than man on top or woman on top.  I did not grow up on a farm and we also did not have Animal Planet and National Geographic, etc. television shows growing up like children watch these days while learning things naturally. We also did not own cats or dogs so I had no idea how those animals "did it" either.

My freshman year in college was the first time I saw a penis and I saw at least 100 in one night.  Let me explain.  There were about 500 of us gathered for orientation and the college had Planned Parenthood or some similar organization bring in a major presentation.  They educated us on all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases and they had PICTURES up on the big screen for all to see.  It was pretty disgusting.  Then the presenter showed us how to put on a condom and talked about other forms of birth control.   I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  There was lots of laughter and lots of moans and groans from both males and females when those awful pictures were shown.  I guess their theory was to scare us into using protection, but they called it sex education, which is sort of was, I guess.

Up until that point, I had thought that a penis would look like a forearm, but smaller and thinner, obviously.  I thought the whole thing for a white person would be the same color as an arm or leg and that the very tip of it had some sort of a pink German army helmet type of a head.  The ones I had seen in the college pictures were long gone from my memory because they were all corroded with gunk and flaccid, so I did not get an idea of what an erect penis looked like.

Boy was I shocked when I first saw Storm's! It did not occur to me that the reason why it was hard was because blood rushes to it ..... and those the veins!   It looked a bit ...... angry to me, and I knew enough to know that it wanted to spit at me or more likely in me!   It's German army helmet was on a bit tilted...... (I know Storm is going to read this and I just want to say that I love your schlong, Honey, even though it scared me the first time I saw it!)

I don't know where Storm got his sex education from, but he certainly knew a whole lot more than I did.  When we got engaged, we read a very good book about marital sex that we thought fit us well at the time.   We certainly never heard of domestic discipline or ttwd back then!  What a difference 20 years makes!  HA!

And that sums up my adolescent and young adult sex education.  What does yours add up to?

Friday, March 22, 2019

Please be honest with me about your TTWD

Okay....... I'm just going to say some things straight out here and if I am left standing on my own afterwards because it's just too private for you gals to join in and give advice and share your true experience, well at least I will have been honest with blog land and with Storm and myself.

This TTWD thing often causes me more frustration than it does before we did it.  Please remember that although Storm and I have been doing some sort of dd or d/s type thing for the past 10 years, there are so many things that came up with family and health issues that we were OFF more than we were ON.  So the longest consistent stretch of us practicing ttwd has been since last April when I found all your wonderful blogs.

My point is, we know the ups and downs of it......... but, I don't think we know all the ins and outs of it.  I think Storm and I are truly still new at this.  Either that or my needs keep changing so quickly that we can't ever get the spanking/discipline thing right for very long.

So....... every one of us bloggers and readers has said that communication is key with ttwd, and I agree.  But........ would any of you be willing to tell me in more than general terms what even one conversation between you and your husbands has looked like when adjustments to the spanking/discipline were needed by you as the wife?

Do you actually say things like: ???

1.  "The spanking needs to be harder."
2.  "The spanking needs to be longer."
3.   "I don't like this implement....."
4.   "Do you like spanking me?  Do you get mad at me?
5.  "I know you just spanked me yesterday, but I need more."
6.  "I don't like asking you for a spanking because it makes me feel like I am topping."
7.  "I feel frustrated with not enough discipline."
8.  "I feel guilty for needing this."
9.  "I need to feel your dominance, but it has to be initiated by you."

What is it that you are saying to your husband and vice versa?

I see often in blog land that many of us gals feel embarrassed to ask for a spanking.  I feel the same.  You also seem like it's a topping from the bottom thing, and I feel that, too, and that TOTALLY takes away from the psychological part of spanking.  It isn't that it doesn't feel real.  It's real.  But, it feels like it is being managed by me because his needs aren't changing, mine are.  He doesn't need ttwd....... I do.

Yes, he is willing to do this with me and he  has a very sincere attitude and puts forth effort to make this ttwd work for us.   I know how blessed I am to have a husband who is not naturally a dominant personality but yet he is still willing to do this with me, learn and practice being more dominant because I need it and he enjoys the benefits of my submission.

It isn't about expecting Storm to be perfect and it isn't about me not expressing my gratitude to him for continuing to work on our version of ttwd.   It's about how to talk to him ...... the words get stuck if my throat ..........  and tell him once again that whatever we're doing isn't enough.  I feel like I am telling him that HE is not enough and that is NOT the case at all.

Please talk to me. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Lasagna Spanking

Look at those layers of lasagna noodles!  Someone must be ready to do some cooking.  Wait, I think it's Storm, but he doesn't really cook...... so what is he up to?

He has this new technique he's been using ....... it seems to have naturally evolved after (unknowingly) using Meredith's (Jack's!) Sandwich Spanking as the initial foundation.

We both felt we needed to take our TTWD up a notch or two (or ten) a couple of months ago, as you know if you read here, and during that negotiation period, I told my husband, "Maybe I need some kind of transformational spanking type thing."   He grinned and said, "You want me to knock you into next Tuesday, huh?"  I was thinking more like June.  Seriously though, I get so lost and caught up in my own brain quite often and I am finding it kind of exhausting.  There are times when I am honestly tired of myself.

Thus, I received a whopper of a spanking last Thursday night.  Storm said to me DURING the spanking, "Just because I said you were good at being naughty doesn't mean you have to KEEP proving it!"  This comes as no surprise to me whatsoever because I have lipped off all week....... so according to my last post, I would be fishing at Rough Butt Creek Falls.  Hmm.

So, it is safe to say that I had it coming.  Storm prepares himself in the middle of the bed with his back supported by pillows stacked against the headboard.  Then we put a couple of pillows over his lap for me to lie over.   Instead of starting to spank, stopping for a lecture, and then finishing the spanking (The Sandwich),  Storm does start off this way, but then he repeats it all!  He lectures again as he strokes my naked back, then spanks again, then pauses and rubs my back again, and spanks again ....... over and over and over!!!!!!   Since there are many repetitive layers to this technique, I have labeled it The Lasagna Spanking.   Storm was cooking up something all right  -- a major spanking!

I don't know if you gals have a set number of spanks that you get or if it's in sets ........ but this one just went on and on.  I wasn't near tears, but I did say things like, "Owww!  Honey, that hurts!"  which isn't too big of a deal unless you consider that for 10 years he has been spanking me in a d/s and dd way, but I never said anything more than "Yes, Sir," when he would ask me a question during a spanking.  Now we're having freaking dialogue because he's talking to me and it feels like a stern conversation ......... and he wants me to answer him!  I find this very hard and kind of embarrassing.  I also find that it takes many many layers before I begin to even feel remotely sorry!

And, yes, my butt does look and feel well cooked like lasagna sauce by the time Storm is done cooking ME! 

Buon appetito. Hmmmph!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Three Dogs and a Penguin, but no Rabbit

There aren't many days right now in my part of the world where I can go outside for a walk as I am listening to a book on Audible or to an interesting podcast.  Since before the holidays, I have been riding  my new recumbent bike instead.   Don't worry, I am not going to tell you how many miles I ride or how many calories I burn because I imagine you don't really care.  But that is okay because I don't want to read in blog land about your exercise routine either unless you shoved your FitBit or step counter or whatever the heck those things are up your arse for some interesting reason.  I can't say that I'd want to know what you did with it while it was up there though, but I do hope you washed it somehow afterwards.  Hand sanitizer, anyone?

So recently, but not today, I was able to go on a walk during a little warm up in the weather.  This past summer and fall I did so much walking that I know where the pain in the neck dogs live .... you know, the ones that come running out at you and their owners say every time "She doesn't bite....blah blah blah....." Yeah, lady, well, what if I bite? 

So I learned what times to avoid certain houses based on their dog-running-free-in-the-yard-time.  I adjusted the time I went out recently, but as luck would have it, the same dog with the same stupid owner came rushing out at me again.  I wanted to ask the lady, "Do you live in your yard with your dog ?   How could it be that every time I walk by your house, your dog comes running out at me?  I changed the time of day that  I walk and it still doesn't matter... you know anti-stalking.... when you learn someone's habits and schedules so that you know how to AVOID being in the same place they are, say EVER!"

One more loop around the subdivision and another dog comes charging at me.  Ugh!

And then at the very end of my walk, I saw a penguin.  Impossible you say!  And you're RIGHT!  I gave it a confused, but closer dirty look, and discovered that it was just a small black spot light that someone has on the edge of their lawn....... with some red around it.......   see here is where it gets really ridiculous.  I thought the red was a scarf.   So there is a penguin sitting in someone 's yard wearing a  winter scarf just because it's been mighty cold in my non-indigenous-to-penguins-state this winter?  Pffffttt.  Some stress ridding walk that was -- not!  I left the house stressed and I came home with an imaginary friend penguin.

Then, even more recently, Storm told me that he was out getting our mail when the neighbor's giant dog came charging at him, but Storm acted excited to see him, so the dog became his immediate friend.  The two males sniffed each other........ I mean, the dog sniffed Storm's crotch, he petted him and the dog gave him a body hug.  Then Storm said he started walking back to the house, "But the dog came running after me and shoved his nose in my crack.  And then the dog's lady owner announces from her front yard, "Oh, right up the butt!"  Storm was slightly violated by a canine and now the whole neighborhood hears about it.

I'll take the imaginary penguin over that experience any day.  I don't want a dog's nose or a FitBit or anything else shoved up my butt, especially without my permission!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Fishing for a Spanking?

I've caught some ugly fish over the years including little ones with huge scary eyes, which are an invasive species here where I live and in various waters of North America.  The Department of Natural Resources says we cannot legally release that fish back into the body of water.  So we have to throw it up on the bank and let it die.  Gross.                       
Little guys, big EYES = Gross!

The worst big fish I have caught is a Northern Pike.  It has TEETH and a snout!  I don't want to catch anything that has huge visible chompers. Plus they look and move like fat snakes.  The first time anyone catches one of these when it is NOT what we are fishing for, it scares the crap out of us.  At first, we're excited because it is a big, powerful fish.  But, as I reeled it in, it's all slithering and blackish with yellow and white spots and I was all, "EEK! What the flip kind of demon fish is this?  Good God and the Holy Spirit protect me as I pull this thing in closer to my body!  GAH!!! "  In most places, they are very healthy to eat.  In others, they have too much mercury and we have to throw those back and send them on their slivery way.  Gladly, I say!
Imagine this coming up out of the water at you!

But, when we fish, we don't always catch fish.  And sometimes the only thing  I catch is a nice afternoon breeze!  We often catch other things both living and non, such as crawdad's, logs, old fishing line and hooks, rocks, seaweed, rusty metal, and turtles.  It's a bummer to catch a turtle.  It doesn't happen very often because they are very good at  stealing a worm without swallowing that hook...... so when you do find one on your line, it's because you've snagged  (hooked) him in the one of its feet on accident.  The bigger the turtle, the longer it takes to real him in because they are strong and heavy.  Then the fisherperson  has to hope it's not a snapping turtle.  I had one on my hook once and I did what any fishergal with soil under each fingernail, broken thumbnails, fishy, worm-slimed hands would do when I saw it's huge shell and big fat head on my line --  I ran and called my husband to come take the hook out of it!
Image result for snapping turtle
There are 2 things that should be the size of this guy's  noggin'.... his head and maybe  a penis, but good luck with that giant sucker in either case!

So let me transition into including all of you in this post and let's look and see what kind of interesting places there are for any and all ttwd husbands and wives to fish...... or spank!!  These are real rivers and creeks !

Hoh River  - Washington          Ah, so that's where our dominant guys are from. Thank you, Poseidon!

Paddle River   - Alberta, Canada        Well, up a creek without a paddle........

Whip Run  - West Virginia              I'd run, too, if Storm was after me with a whip!

Pussy Creek, Ohio                         Okay, I cannot stand to hear the p-word....... unless Storm is
                                                     whispering it to me, then that is way different and also none of
                                                     your business!

Beaver Creek - Pennsylvania       Perhaps it's Spring and someone needs to shave?

Rough Butt Creek Falls, North Carolina.         Sounds like somebody smarted off all weekend.

Obey River -- Tennessee           Obey, are you sure you don't just mean Submit? (Feel free to rant about
                                                 the difference between obeying and submitting in the comment section,
                                                 but I assure you that I still will not really know the difference.  Or care.)

Love Creek -- Delaware           Love, Honor, and Obey?

Dix River  - Kentucky                Wait, dicks plural? I don't want more than one unless it's in Storm's
                                                other hand, sterile, virgin, made of body safe materials and
                                                dishwasher safe. (Basically Ella's specifications.)
                                                And I want ice cream afterwards. And a nap.

Soak Arse Creek, Cumberland Co., Virginia           Does soaking one's buttocks in the tub before a
                                                                                 spanking make it tenderized?

French Broad River -  North Carolina      Are any of you ladies from France?  Or do you just have
                                                                  fancy underpants?

Mianus River - New York                      I'm not going near this river, ever. And if it were the only river
                                                           around my house that I could fish in, then I would not
                                                           fish. Somebody would always be asking where'd ya fish?
                                                           and I am not about to tell anyone My Anus!

Zipper Mouth Creek -- British Columbia           If we gals visited this place more often, we'd get in
                                                                        trouble less often........ learning how to zip it
                                                                        before we get spanked!

So at which of these bodies of water would you fish for a spanking?   Or do you know of one not listed here?

Friday, March 8, 2019

The Good, the Bad, and the Naughty

My tush is on fire, I'll have you know.  I wasn't in trouble, which is a bit unusual, but I actually have been a very good girl the past several days. Any spankings that I have had in the past 2 weeks were nonexistent in the first week, and just some reminder type things (and spanked for side effects), but nothing that was too much to handle since I was quite sick.  Tonight is a different story.

I got  a ton of work done around the house, although it was very slow as I am still getting my strength back after lying around for so long.  I did not set out today to get a whole bunch done, I just set out to get one or two things done, slowly.  For whatever reason, I kept working at a nice steady pace, which is not usually like me.  I tend to try to multi-task and rush through chores and frazzle myself, but one of the things that Storm has been trying to reinforce with me is slow and steady although he does not not use those words.  He just grabs the back of my neck firmly and says, "Pace yourself.  Don't overdo it."  But, he did not do that today.  I remembered on my own!

As the day went on, I did one task for Storm that he didn't have time to do because now I am healthy enough to step back in, and then I did another job for him just because I knew he was exhausted from his busy schedule this week, and that he is probably tired of taking care of my germ infested self.  In addition, we had a scheduled and extended spanking set up for this evening.

Hours later, here I sit, ass afire.   But, I promise I've been good.  And by this I simply mean that there wasn't anything that Storm was keeping track of that I had done wrong recently.  Most often when I get a spanking, at least some of it is because of something I said.  I know that is hard to imagine, but please try.  ;)

We both know we were headed toward the bedroom soon since we had planned to watch Rachel Maddow's opening monologue, but she had a substitute tonight and we're just not as interested if it isn't Rachel.  Storm starts fussing over me a bit, which I do not like.  He asks me one health related question and I tell him that I am fine.  Then he asks me another one and I told him to stop asking me questions.  (In my defense, I just want to get spanked after two effing weeks without a big one...... and I don't want him asking after my health right now because I am well enough to be spanked, dang it!) 

Storm, "Are you bossing me?"
Me, "No, but you're bothering me." 
Storm, "I'm about to bother your ass."

We're now in the bedroom and I am going over his lap.... "I'm a good girl, Honey. I haven't been bad."  I just felt an imminent need to remind him.
Storm arranging pillows and me, "You're good."
Me a little surprised, "I'm good?"
Storm, "You're good at being naughty."
He's right, but the fact that he pointed it out as a generalization surprised me as well.  Curious, I ask, "When am I naughty?"
Storm, "When you're breathing."

And so what does a guilty gal say to that?   Nothing!  Especially when he starts spanking as he says, "Quit giving me shit !" 

So this is one of those occasions where I was thinking that I would remember that conversation and blog about it, but I honestly forgot what it was once he started to set my butt on fire.  I don't know why some of you gals like lotion rubbed on your bums after a spanking, but if it's been a barn burner for me, no thank you on the lotion and no rubbing it either, please!   Anyway, I had to ask Storm what our conversation was beforehand because my butt is ouching too much for me to remember!  Thanks, Storm!  I think.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Spanked for Side Effects

Commercials are a big no-no at our house.  Whatever television show we have on at the time may be loud, but as soon as any commercial comes on, our family habit is to immediately hit the mute button on the remote.  It's not simply because they're annoying, louder than the volume setting for the program we're watching, or because we want to chat with one another during the break.  The biggest reason is because we don't want to hear medication ads.

Who of us sees a medication on television and listens to it when it says, "Ask your doctor about .... blah blah blah...?."    Um, I'm not the one that went to medical school, thank you very much.  Shouldn't my doctor know much more about this crap than I do?   Shouldn't I find it suspicious if my doctor is open to suggestions by me? 

For me, these ads have a negative affect that I don't think the pharmaceutical companies get .......... If I am at the doctor and she suggests a certain medication, I then inform her that I know just enough about it to be scared of it because of the "side effects may include" portion of the commercial that is longer and more detailed than the benefits of the medication in the first place!

Dang side effects.  I got spanked because of them recently.  I have a certain inner irritability about me that I am not proud of, but it has to do with how I perceive things with my Spider Woman senses........ I have a post coming up about that soon.  Of course I can control my mouth, the rolling of my eyes, whether I sigh loudly or not.  I have full capability of keeping all of that on the inside.  Sometimes I just don't want to ...... sometimes I want to express myself even if it isn't all that kind........ and sometimes  medication increases my need to express it.

I  have been taking a steroid for this bronchitis and two of the many side effects are insomnia and irritability.  I'm a semi-pro of the former and an absolute rock star of the second when I am on this medication.  Well, Storm apparently had enough of my personal display of mastery of these two things.  Me, "It's the medication, Honey.  I'm sorry.  You're really going to spank me?"  Storm,  "Yes, you're getting a Prednisone spanking."   Ugh!   And, so he proceeded to smack my bared bottom and when he was finished, he said, "There. If I spelled it right, then I think I got all the letters."  Ouch!   I'm just glad he wasn't aware of the length of its generic name,  Methylprednisolone Oral !"

I really do think the medication label should come with the warning:  For TTWD wives, side effects may result in spanking!