Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Currently In Trouble

Many of us gals want our guys to lead, to be authoritative in agreed upon areas, or just overall but excluding an area here or there.  Do you think there are marriages where the woman would like to be heard, to feel that her opinion does matter?  I'm not talking about emotionally/verbally abusive relationships, but rather the kind where the wife just goes with the flow even though she may disagree and she secretly wants her feelings to matter to her husband/partner more than they do.   I can't help but thinking that I am on one side of the issue wanting and needing more discipline and knowing I shouldn't be giving my opinion too often in the manner in which I sometimes give it. Meanwhile there are probably tons of wives out there on the other side wishing for the opposite.   Do you think in both cases what we're all reaching for is freedom?  Freedom from owning the control versus freedom from being able to speak one's mind?  I don't like the idea of feeling silenced and thankfully, Storm hasn't done that to me.  Instead, he redirects me, reminds me to be respectful, and calms me.

Do you know that feeling when you're riding in the passenger's seat and the driver turns left when you thought he was going to turn right?   Yikes, your stomach lurches and your inner ear goes WHAT?!!  But, then your brain snaps to attention, rights itself, and you are soon in control of your equilibrium again.  It's not that the driver was wrong for turning left, it's just you didn't expect it, and in fact, you  expected the opposite.  I feel like that sometimes when I am trying to follow Storm's lead.  It isn't that he does anything drastically different, but because he's kind of quiet, he forgets to share his intentions with me so I don't know which end is up........or if my rear end is going to be up in the air or not!

Tonight, when we arrived home in the garage after having burgers and shakes at our favorite 50's type joint,  I asked if I was in trouble.  The answer was, "Yes, we are definitely going to 'talk' about it tomorrow when we have alone time."   Ugh. I was naughty, I know I was. And not the fun kind of naughty that Storm and I usually refer to and joke around about.  I've been pretty upset for the past 24 hours due to that whole "driver turning left when I expected him to turn right" type thing.  And then some!

It started last night where I did better than I usually do during a miscommunication.  But, it carried over into today because I didn't sleep well, many things are overwhelming me (PEOPLE!) emotionally, and BLAH!   So, I asked Storm why he didn't stop me from talking/saying whatever I did while I was ranting.  He said that he did grab me and put his hand on me in the car and told me to calm down.  He's right, I noticed that and I did settle down.  But he also said that he felt I needed to express to him my feelings because I am extremely upset about some things,  but he didn't want to do this:  He reached around the back of my neck with one hand and held it and then put his other hand over my mouth.   Hmmm.  Yeah, that wasn't a very comfortable feeling.   Hmmm.  I said as he released me, "Maybe you should have because that was bad."   And so we will 'talk' about it tomorrow his way which means the paddle will pay my rear end for all that I said.  And I said A LOT of things I shouldn't have in a very agitated state.

I kind of feel like I am telling on myself here, but it is a ttwd blog, after all, and many of you have been where I am right now and where my rear end will be tomorrow evening.  I'm not complaining, and I'm not nervous ......... but I am something and I'm not sure what that is other than currently being in trouble.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Man, I Feel Like a Woman

Several months ago when we were NOT experiencing this awful current heat wave in the States and it was still a very cool Spring........

Today I am wearing a thick sweatshirt, a thick plaid shirt over it, gloves, ear muffs, and a scarf wrapped tucked into my hood and  a baseball cap.   This is completely different from my normal walking/riding clothes because I was hesitant to wear what I normally wear including  my winter coat. I even wore different tennis shoes.  I also  rode a different bike from our garage.  I did none of these things because I wanted to.   I did this because I am a woman.  And as I rode around today keeping my eyes peeled for creeps, I got angry.

Twice in the past week, I have encountered men on my walk/ride who made me feel uncomfortable.  It is daylight, I have my phone, I am being aware of my surroundings, which is why I saw him both times.  I do not know if it was the same guy or not because the first time he had a hoodie and facial hair..... but this time he was shaved and had on a sports winter hat and long sleeves. The first time, when I turned around after passing him to see if he was doing anything strange, he turned and looked back at me as well.  Ugh! Yesterday, I saw him near my house and I rode up into my driveway and stayed next to the garage door.  When I did this, he changed his walking path to avoid coming closer to me.  Weird.

We live in a safe neighborhood and town, but that doesn't make anywhere safe.  I am not a paranoid person, but I do try to be careful and when I feel threatened whether real or imagined, I get pissed off.

Women make up a little more than fifty percent of the United State's population now.  We are the majority ........ more women won their midterm races in  the United States on this past November  election day than ever before.

Where is the self control on the part of certain men?   Do they have to be a slave to their sexual thoughts all day long?   I long for the day when I don't feel watched when I am out exercising, not having to watch out for who has their garage door open, who might be home, somewhere for me to run in case I am being followed.  Will there be a day when creepy guys think twice before obnoxiously ogling women?

Can't a poor innocent man walk down the street, Windy?  You know what?  I don't feel sorry for the poor innocent white man walking around in my neighborhood.   You can't walk around like that Windy you have to live your life.  Women every day have to make personal changes to their routine not because of fellow women, but because of men.   At these times, I am NOT feminine, I don't look feminine, and I don't act it.  I'm not trying to be a lady.  I am just out exercising my body and I'd like to do that without feeling or being threatened.

Recently, I had a very scary experience at the grocery store in the next town over from us.  I had never been to this store before so I was a little lost as to the layout of the store and what foods were where.   I had on a bright pink cap with my hair in a pony tail hanging through the hole in the back, and I had on my hot pink Nike's. Well, I had to use the restroom, which means I had to find the restroom and it was off into a more isolated part of the store.  Being aware of my surroundings, I was about to go into the ladies' restroom door when a man came out of the men's restroom.  He stopped and acted like he was suddenly very interested in the pictures on the wall.  So I stopped and did the same dang thing.  Dog gone if I was going into an isolated empty restroom where he could easily follow me.  I just had that feeling.   So I pretended to look right along with him...... until he left about 30 seconds later and went out in to the nearby produce section.  I took a couple of steps backwards and watched him.  He picked up his hand basket and was selecting his lunch or whatever from the salad bar, so I thought all was okay and I used the restroom.  On my way out, the guy was still in the produce section looking at the salad bar and other things ....... he didn't have much in his basket.   He was looking around a little too intently.  Like fake looking.   Whatever, I got my cart and pushed it out of the produce aisle as I was already done there and went on my way.

About ten minutes later, I had a funny feeling so I turned around and the guy was right behind me not 10 feet.  When we made eye contact, he turned around with that sudden fake look of "oh, I forgot something back there" and went back to the produce section.  I know this because I watched him go.   Okay..... so whatever....... I am safe out among the people, so I continue to shop.  I am in the pharmacy section now, which is closed and so no one is down there....... 2nd to the last most remote aisle there is........ I turn around and there he flipping is again with his 3 items in his little hand cart.   What the heck?  Does he needs tampons? Now, I am pissed.  He turns around again like he forgot something AGAIN and walks away from me.   So now I am ready to check out but I know this guy wants something from me, but I don't trust what that is.  So, I race down an empty aisle toward the check out lines.  As I am doing this, I take off my sport jacket and reverse it because it's a different color on the other side. I take my bright pink hat OFF and let my hair hang down my back.  I take off my glasses so now I can't see jack shit and I grab my different looking glasses out of my purse and shove them on my face.  I just want the guy to leave me the heck alone.  I have my phone in my pocket and I go wait in line.  Not 3 minutes later, the guy comes right up behind me and waits in line behind me.    Now I am on my phone texting Storm what is going on.  And the guy starts to talk to me.  Oh, heck no.  I don't even remember what he said, but I didn't acknowledge him or answer him.  Two minutes later, he switches lines and goes to the fast checkout since he only has a few items.  What in the world??

So there is no  way that I am going out into that parking lot not knowing where this freak might be hiding.  So I put my cart aside as he checks out and I follow him to the front of the door.  I want to make sure he LEAVES the store, that I identify his vehicle and watch his ass leave.  So I see him walk out to his truck and it is in the most remote furthest spot in the parking lot and it is BACKED into his spot so that if he sat in his truck, he could see the entire parking lot.   All of this was just too weird to me, so I watched him get in his truck and drive away.   I went back into the store and the clerk asked me as I was checking out if everything was okay and I gave her the basic rundown of what happened.  She offers to call the police. I decline and the young man who was bagging my groceries said he would walk me out ......... so he does this and I gave him a nice tip in appreciation.

The next day, I was at an appointment and I happened to tell this male doctor my experience the day before as we were making conversation. Much to my internal astonishment,  he said the moral of the story was don't wear a bright pink hat and shoes to the grocery store.  Really?  Why does this guy think he gets to tell me the moral of my own dang story?  I was not intimidated by this peacock of a man who reminds me of Richard Dreyfus playing a self-important doctor in the movie What About Bob?  I just figured it isn't my job to set this guys' pontificating ways straight, and frankly he tires me, so I just let him think he's brilliant while I sit there looking at him and I am actively thinking that I am grateful that I am not married to someone like him or someone like that certain kind of guy that I wrote about above.  I do take about 15 seconds to feel sorry for his wife and I cannot even begin to imagine her attraction to him. 

I'm thankful I am married to Storm, who treats me like a lady, respects me, and makes me feel safe, treasured, respected, and loved (and spanked!).  He holds me in his arms when the people of this world shake me up and offers me some solace and a little humor as he offers to beat those kinds of creepy guys up!  I'm glad my man makes me feel like a woman should. 

Do you have a creeper story to share?  On the flip-side of that, I know there are some wonderful husbands on the other side of our blogs......... Please tell me what you love about the way your guy makes you feel.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sleeping in your birthday suit

Earlier this year, I turned the big 50.  As I am aging, I am trying to think of ways to reverse certain things, like say cellulite.  Impossible you say and you're most likely right, but what if I spend the next 50 years hanging from an inversion table?   Would that simply pull the cellulite the other way or just make me more bumpy in general?

Perhaps I can just change some of my vocabulary.  Windy has too much body fat could become Windy has too much lard.   No, that's worse because that comes from pork.  Windy has too much tallow.  There, not everybody knows what that is and so in a politically correct environment (depending on who you hang out with) , people will just think something is wrong with me, but they won't know exactly what, and if they do know, at least it's fat that comes from beef.  I'd rather be a cow than a pig although pigs are smarter.  Hmmm.

Moving on to more practical things I can do, I've been reading a lot about sleep.  More specifically sleeping in my birthday suit.  The benefits are many and the drawbacks are nonexistent unless you're a very heavy sleeper and you sleep next to an untrustworthy spouse. A long time ago, a friend of mine said she would wake up in the middle of the night to her husband having sex with her.  Once, she had  a tampon in!   Needless to say, they're divorced.  Even a ttwd intervention wouldn't have helped that man with his marriage.  Creep.

Storm works from home and so it puts him at somewhat of an advantage when it comes to me being naked. What I mean is that if I am getting dressed, undressed, about to shower, whatever, I am amazed at his ability to show up right in that instant.  Sometimes, I do not realize he is there until he delivers one of his one liners.  I have been completely naked minding my own business in our bedroom when I suddenly hear his low, quiet, sexy voice, "Did you drop something?"   And, if you're wondering, of course I play along and pretend to pick up some invisible thing off of the floor just to give him a little show of what I know he wants to see.

So I decided to try it.......... took off all my clothes, crawled back into bed with Storm, who was already sleeping heavily, aaaaaaand.......  nope, not only did I not sleep well, I hardly slept at all !   Because we moved our clocks forward an hour just as I was beginning to practice this, it was still dark out when Storm gets up for work.  His alarm went off and I decided I may as well get up and take my morning medication that has to be on an empty stomach.   I don't bother putting my pajamas back on.  Why should I?  The rest of the house is still fast asleep and it's still dark out so nobody peaking in a window would be able to see me anyway.  I get my medication in the kitchen and then I head back toward our bedroom, just as Storm is coming out of it.  I can see his shadow.  Well, apparently he could see mine, too, ALL of it because I walked past him and he copped a feel.  I could tell by the tilt of his head and his body going on instant male alert that he knew something female and naked was nearby.......   Me, "How can you even see that I am naked?!"

On a serious note,  according to scientific sleep studies, it's best to sleep naked because 1) it lowers your body temperature and that benefits the body's circadian rhythm, 2) it's good for the skin and it's good to air out your naughty bits  3)  it improves the fertility of men (Storm, please keep your drawers on then!)  4) leads to a better sex life (duh)  5)  skin-to-skin contact increases oxytocin which reduces stress and anxiety and leads to a deeper night's sleep which lowers cortisol and lowers blood pressure  6) you fall asleep faster.   The recommended bedroom sleeping temperature is 65 degrees. Source 1
Source 2

As a result of the trial and error of nekkid sleeping, I have settled on just wearing a t-shirt or a pajama top, no pants, and....... no panties!  This kind of attire or lack thereof is sometimes called, "Porky Piggin' It."   Looks like I like pigs better than cows after all.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Baby, You're a Firework!

In our state, we don't have to drive to the nearest park or town square or whatever to see magnificent fireworks.  On the Fourth of July, and even 1 day before and 1 day after, we just have to get out our lawn chairs, park in the driveway and wait for the neighbors to start shooting them off when it starts to get dark outside.  You don't want to sit on a blanket in your grass?  NO!  MOSQUITOES !!  At every house that I have ever lived in, there is always someone in the neighborhood who is a firework nut and we just sit back and enjoy the benefits.

So while we mostly leave the fireworks to our neighbors, here is the kind of fireworks that might take place in a TTWD household.  See if any of these look familiar to you.

The Smoke Bomb  -  There's a whole lot of smoldering to your rear end, but it wasn't quite necessary for your HOH to create a fire.

The Jumpin' Jack  -  This guy will chase your ass down the street, with or without a paddle!  (One year when I was in high school, I lit one of these spinners in the street, but as I started to run away, it was right on my tail, so I had to sprint halfway down the street away from it until it gave out before I did !  I never lit one of those again.  I got Storm to do it instead and told him to get ready to RUN!)

The Black Cat - This is an original, fierce little fire cracker, just like many of us TTWD wives.   It's also what a gal might call her southern region if it's been a long winter and she hasn't shaved down there in quite some time.  It's pretty much equivalent to that 70's bush look!

Snaps --  This spanking results from when you get in trouble with your HOH for your snippy attitude, snapping your fingers at him, or for stomping around the house.

The Dud  --    When you did lots of online studying or in store searching for that one spanking implement that you thought was going to be terrific, only for it to have not  met your expectations at all or it broke on the first use!

The Tank -   When you get spanked wearing nothing but your tank top!

The Snake -  Like your man's penis, this starts out smaller and harmless, but once you light its fire, it just grows bigger and bigger.  And it hisses until his mission is completed.

Little sparklers  -  Those first few tentative spanks by a brand new HOH who isn't quite sure his wife isn't going to turn around and smack him back!

Giant sparklers  -  When you're  being spanked with the little sparklers while you're fantasizing about a much larger, much more enticing one like a tilt wand or a garden bamboo stick thinking they really pack a nice smack!  In reality, they're a little too fiery to take very much.

Morning Glories -- For us older and tired folks, any time our guys wake up with a very confident penis that is saluting the sun!

Bottle Rocket  - This kind of spanking makes a whole lot of noise, goes fairly far, but finishes way too fast.  You can't quite decide if it was a good one or not, but  at least  it lands in the neighbor's yard not unlike Meredith sock's that fly out her window as she does the fire dance.

Fake grand finale --  When you're pretty sure your guy has reached an  elevated level of spanking that gets your attention and you falsely believe this is the climax and it will all be over very soon only to discover your rear end is receiving above and beyond what you thought!

The Grande Finale --  That once a year spanking, spectacular in form and delivery, always follows the perfect warm-up,  the perfect build-up, and with the exact right amount of intensity, includes a stern lecture, and is often followed by blow the lids off kind of sex!

So, have there been any fireworks going on in your neck of the woods lately?  And if so, what kind?!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Please Remove Your Hat

I love hats! Not the kind that ladies sometimes wear across the pond while they're baking scones and having tea in honor of a royal wedding.  Not visors as those are too tight on the head and make me think of tourists in big floral printed shorts as they shuffle along in throngs of people at popular places like Disney.  The hats I love are often colorful and always of the baseball or golf kind and never have Mickey Mouse ears.  I rarely go anywhere without a hat on and I often have one on here in the house.  It's just part of who I am, and those closest to me in my life know this.

So I imagine it was a bit of a surprise when Storm and I walked off the airplane, me without a hat,  past the security points, and into the view of a smiling Meredith who was right there to welcome us to her home state.  Can you sum up a year long friendship in the making with just one big embrace?  I don't know, but that alone was worth the trip, and I'm glad she had seen enough pictures to recognize me "underneath the hat" that I was not wearing!

I prepared myself for this visit with Meredith and Jack differently than I have for other vacations of yesteryear.   First of all, Storm and I started shopping for some much needed clothes and personal items starting at Christmastime, for both of our birthdays, etc., and finished just a couple weeks before our trip.  I also slowly started packing weeks ahead of time as I learned via YouTube how to roll most of our clothes and tuck them all snugly in these interesting new-to-me-things called packing cubes.  In order not to exceed airline limits and be charged an arm and a leg, Storm and I got approximate poundage from each bag by hanging them from my fishing scale first here at home. Ha!

I also got my hair cut and highlighted just 3 days before our trip.  Big deal, Windy!  It is a big deal when it's been 7 years since I have been to  a salon of any kind and I got 6 inches cut off.   I'm not trying to look younger, I'm just trying to look a little newer off the assembly line!  So this new look with my clothes and my hair has me feeling a bit different which I find very interesting because I usually absolutely 100 percent do not give a hoot.  If it makes my story more believable, I will tell you that I drew the line at getting a manicure and pedicure.  If I had done one more thing in preparation for this trip that was outside of my normal behavior, I would have been too tired to drive to the airport!

 I only wore a hat a few times that week and it was only when we were in the sun for small windows of time.  There was something very freeing about that...... not that my hat keeps me trapped, but I'm realizing that while it keeps me covered physically, I think it was helping me hide emotionally from other humans!

Here's another thing about hats with brims/bills in the front:  they restrict your vision.  I hit my head getting in and out of the car all the time, bump my head on cabinets, and I even ran into a couple of those big silver weights hanging in various places in the produce aisle at the grocery store!   I did that twice in one day!   UGH!

So, off with my hats for my vacation, (although I admit they were in my suitcase) exposing my new hair to the world, (as if they noticed or cared!) wearing mostly newer clothes in a state that Storm and I have never been to before, and meeting friends we've never seen before.  What a freeing experience!

Throughout our week with Jack and Meredith, one of my most favorite places to be was in their kitchen with the four of us.  I watched Jack cook....... it's quite something.  He's so relaxed and not all rushing around and crabby despite the fact that there were strangers in his home for whom he was cooking.   I was comfortable right away with Jack so I asked him a cooking question or two testing out his responses because not everybody wants to be asked what they are doing or why or what that ingredient is.  Heck, I don't normally even care enough to ask such questions especially before I've had 15 minutes to myself and my first cup of coffee drained.  I can see where that would be stressful to a chef in his/her own home.  But, Jack answered me gently and thoroughly.  I wanted to do more asking, but I didn't want him to think I was weird, so I mostly watched him. (I wasn't staring!).    Through breakfasts and dinners he was content and focused on his work, but still relaxed.  He shared with us that he enjoys everything about preparing and presenting a meal, from the choosing of ingredients, to the marinating, to the chopping, cooking, grilling, serving, eating...... and including clean up!  What?!!  I never thought about the cleanup being anything other than a chore that makes me kind of miss out on the joy of my having prepared a nice dinner for Storm in the first place.  Hmmmmm. 

If you're wondering where Meredith was during all of this, the answer is right there keeping Storm and me company with chatting, setting tables fit for kings and queens, and being Jack's right hand man woman.  Those two floated in and out and around their kitchen in a practiced yet informal kind of dance.  He was working on the main courses, and she with her left handed chopping and slicing and serving cheese and fruit trays.  Every once in a while we lost track of her when she got distracted by the increasingly intoxicating ripeness of her beloved peaches.  We'd lose her, but then we'd hear a little breathless whisper, "my peaches" and there she was again planning to serve those peaches for dessert accompanied by delicious baked goods that she baked I don't even know when!  I am convinced that Jack and Meredith are kitchen ninjas!

 It's so interesting to see how other people operate in their own homes -- how we all eat dinner, yes, but how that process can be smooth and peaceful instead of hurried and stressed.  Now that I am home I have been to the grocery store more times than I have all year ....carefully choosing select cuts of meat, looking for Jack's kind of spices, taking in the scents and colors in the produce area, and feeling completely lost yet wonderfully overwhelmed in the cheese section of my own grocery store.  Who knew there were so many different kinds of cheeses?!!!  Not me!

I like to think that I saw some helpful methods in Jack's and Meredith's home because  my hat wasn't on to get in  my way.  It's silly to think I would have missed much visually had I worn my hat as usual, but I am not kidding that I believe it made me more receptive to really being in the moment with Storm, Jack, and Meredith and noticing some healthy practices that they employ in their home that I thought I'd like to emulate in Storm's and mine.   I like to think that by opening myself up physically, I felt uncovered emotionally, but safe and comfortable enough among precious friends to ask questions about things that I truly did not know, but I so desperately wanted to learn. The hat experience was real for me, but I think it can also be considered symbolic ...... if you wear any kind of protective covering like I do, maybe once in a while, please remove your hat so you can have an entirely different perspective.