Thursday, August 29, 2019

Sir Spanks A Lot

Due to some happy changes in our home, my husband and I finally have some consistent alone time and it has made a world of difference in the way we live out our version of ttwd.  Basically, I'm getting spanked A LOT!

Example 1)  Storm and I went golfing last weekend in the early evening and I wasn't in the best mood. About an hour later (golf takes about 4 hours to play 18 holes), all of a sudden he pulled the golf cart off into a secluded area and I asked him what in the world was he doing because neither of us had just hit our balls over there!!??  He walked quickly around to my side of the golf cart and gently guided me out. It then hit me what is going to happen and I said, "Oh, no, Honey!!"  Yep, spanked in the treeline at the golf course. Nobody saw or heard because of the twilight hour, but still !

I am NOT used to this spanking right on the spot kind of thing because of no privacy........ well, things are a-changing!!!!!!!  Hilariously, I parred the next 2 holes and Storm said I just needed him to "warm me up."

Storm did check in with me after he spanked me, which was not hard to do because I am obviously sitting right there next to him 2 feet from his face. He asked if I was okay with what happened....... I guess I got quiet afterwards as I was thinking about it........... I told him of course I was okay, I'm sorry, and I got the message.

Example 2)  Earlier in the day, he found me in the closet. I was going on about something ...... and on and on. After a few minutes of that, he just firmly yet gently said, "Enough."  I was stunned silent!  He was hugging me and I was hugging him, then he said, "I heard you, your feelings are important to me, but move on ......."  Zoiks!  Looks like this is the way things will be going on around here from now on.......... and I'm a grateful ttwd wife (with a pink butt).

Example 3)  You may or may not believe me when I tell you I was thoroughly spanked the following evening!  GEEZE! I wasn't in trouble though.  He just wanted some time together to talk me through some things (with the paddle! OUCH!) and he told me that he liked the way I responded to him after he spanked me at the golf course. Hmmm. Oh reeeeally?? Now, THAT got my attention even though he pretty much had it with my rear end bent over the bed already!  He said he noticed a difference in me, that I had seemed more settled and less frustrated for the rest of the round and evening and that he liked that.   Anyway, I found that very interesting that he really did notice the change in me. Heck, I noticed in myself, but I didn't know HE noticed.

Tonight's spanking as described in Example #3  with  lecture ((Lasagna Style Spanking), led to some kinky fun after it was all over. You know what that is like -- feeling all submissive and turned on with a hot bottom and your guy presenting his hard part, all proud............. Dominant HOH as his modus operandi, Storm deciding which of my two orifices he wants to take advantage of. (Not 3! That one is NOT open for business, which is part of MY modus operandi and thank God it's not something he bugs me about!  Or should I say buggers?  HA! )

 Now that we have more time alone together because of positive changes in our lives, Storm sure spanks a lot !!

Saturday, August 24, 2019

I'm not bad?

Yesterday, this was totally me when my husband just mentioned possible spanking.  He couldn't stop laughing.

If I am getting spanked a lot, and I AM, I guess that means I'm bad.  We certainly don't practice ttwd because he's naughty!  There are spells of time where I am not in trouble, am doing things around the house, accomplishing whatever, and having a better attitude, but then  comes that  quick daily spanking that he tries to work in and I'm grateful for it, mostly.  However, I feel a bit confused sometimes and I say, "Wait, a second. I wasn't even naughty (yet) today,"  or  "Am I in trouble?"
Him, "No."
 Me, "Well, that FELT like I was in trouble!"

Things I have said to Storm frequently over the past several months as he/we have upped the intensity of how we're living our version of ttwd:

"I'm naughty."
"I'm crabby."
"I'm bad."   I get his hearty agreement on the first two, but to my surprise, not on the last one.

"I hate almost everybody, Honey," I explain partly why I think I am bad because I am overwhelmed with the stupidity, the silence, and the hypocrisy that is running rampant in my country these days.

Storm gently reassures me, "So do I, but I'm happy!"

Laughing.......  Storm is so anti-social, but you may not know that if you met him.  He's quiet and you would notice that, but he's also funny, quick to jump in with a quip, and he's a good listener, but what many people never get to know about him is that he has some things of his own that he would like to share.  Some people are so full of themselves, they don't take the time to listen to other people's ideas, concepts, and experiences if they differ from one's own.   He doesn't often feel the need to be heard, to be right, or to be liked, thus he doesn't usually speak out unless someone flat out asks him his opinions or thoughts on whatever the matter at hand is.

We have left places before and I will say to Storm in the car, "Honey, you know a lot about that subject," or....."I know you have strong convictions/beliefs on that topic, why didn't you speak up?"  He just figures other people aren't interested and he mostly likely isn't going to convince anyone to change their  minds on whatever  the topic is simply by hearing him give his views.  While I understand and respect what he is saying, I feel that he has wonderful ideas and different ways of thinking about things in life that make me think on a deeper level.  Part of it is his delivery.....he's just nonthreatening and humble.  And the other part is his compassion and the fact that he doesn't feel threatened in the least if you disagree with him.  This is a big part of the reason as to why I was so grateful to our most recent vacation hosts back in June.   He really likes them, he was truly comfortable with them, and they treated him like his voice mattered.  I am forever grateful to both of them for this.

So, upon further discussion, he tells me that I am not bad. He reminds me that I am being spanked because I get too frustrated, to take the edges off of my emotions, and to reinforce our roles.  Yesterday, I was hit with a wave of frustration over some things which resulted in him saying we might need to spend some time in the bedroom that night which translates into someone is getting spanked!  But, because I knew I hadn't been disrespectful or spouty to him, and the fact that I was exhausted from 4 days of migraines in a row and not much sleeping the next 2 or 3, I made the Lucy face because I truly did not want to be spanked for any reason, and I think I sounded just like you'd imagine.  Storm laughed very hard at my reaction as he put his arms around me, and encouraged me to just take a nap on the couch for a while and rest.  I took his advice immediately.  I may be a lot of things, but stupid isn't one of them!  An hour later, I did feel better and calmer and we did the whole Netflix and chill, but he mercifully decided not to spank me.

I guess I'm not so bad after all, but I am not totally convinced.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Are You a Little Teapot?

Never, ever Google a term and accidentally read the first definition that comes up because it will oftentimes be from that bizarre Urban Dictionary, and then you will never be able to look at an innocent inanimate object again in the same way you used to.    Case in point:  The word "teapot."  Don't go look it up.   Here, I will save you the trouble:


A sexual act where a woman assumes a "doggystyle" position while man squeezes his testes one by one into her anus. After insertion, the woman then flexes her P.C. muscles while the man masturbates to orgasm. The man will sometimes make a whisling sound just prior to or during ejaculation to simulate the sound of a teapot.

Good grief.  Laughing........ never in my wildest kinkiest whatever dreams did I even think that anybody could think of such a thing let alone do it.  My eyes are still burning.  Of course, I read it to Storm and he laughed heartily.   "It was the whistling that really got me!" he explains.

Okay...... back to the main part of my post which I haven't even gotten to yet because of the above distraction on my innocent search for some pictures of teapots.  I was looking them up because I was trying to describe the spanking position that Storm had me in yesterday.  At first, I tried to think in just words how to describe it, but I came to the conclusion that an innocent visual might help.  He was sitting in a chair with his legs spread and I was over one of his thighs.  My butt was pretty high in the air, for his viewing and spanking pleasure, and if I am being completely honest, and I am, for my submissive pleasure.  Here is the visual:

Do you see how that teapot spout is beautifully arched?  That is what I felt I looked like during this spanking.  (but add some full fat cream to the situation).  And now we have some laughter....... in that closet (I'll explain why we were in there in a future post) and in blog land, too.  

The other reason I thought of myself as a teapot is because he says I have been doing a lot of "spouting off."

“I’m a little teapot, short and stout
Here is my handle, here is my spout
When I get all steamed up, hear me shout
Just tip me over and pour me out”

And tip me over, he did!  Once the spanking and the lecturing began, I uttered what I can only describe as some kind of near sputtering.  Ppptthhh!  Fttttthhhh!  I don't know if it was the angle or if I was simply extra sensitive that day, but the man was just medium to light tapping me with the paddle on my bottom, but it hurt A LOT.  I am normally still during all of my spankings.  Well, guess who got up during the middle of it and said, "OUCH, HONEY!!??"  And, no, he didn't get mad...... he just waited for me to stop sputtering, said he heard me, but we're not finished, and helped me put myself back in place where I belonged.  Hmph! More spanking and more lecturing about spouting off.  I mostly held my tongue after that and I stayed in place.  When it was all over, I came up on my knees between his legs, humbled, my head on one of his thighs, and not quite certain what to make of the situation as he held me there naked and waited until I was emotionally ready to put my arms around his middle.  Sometimes he just holds me like that for a while and smooths my hair and then tells me sweet things.

After some time for me to ease into another gear, the spanking time led to time over-the-bed-time and in-the-bed-time.  Nobody was a whistling teapot, but things did get very steamy!

When you get yourself into trouble and before the spanking turns you into a sweet spoonful of sugar, what kind of kitchen gadget or appliance might you compare yourself to?  A sour-attitude lemon juicer?  Something else or a little spouting off teapot like me? 

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Dreaming about sex

I have always been a dreamer.  Age hasn't changed that for  me.  Some of them make no sense whatsoever although I am sure an interpreter or a psychoanalyst  would have a field day with the complex content of a few of my dreams.  I careth not.

Why is it when we wake up from a disturbing dream that it has the power to affect us for several hours and put us in an  emotionally vulnerable mood?

The single most predominant recurring theme in my dreams that I have had since the age of about 18 was that Storm was leaving  me to finish my last year of high school as he went to an imposed-by-his- parents protestant college 9 hours away.  Remember, this is pre-cellphones, pre-internet, etc.  We pretty much still had the Pony Express.  Storm and I kept those horses busy, that's for sure.  (And yes, I know that the Pony Express only operated for about 18 months from the state of CA to MO.  But, somehow many of us remember the horse carried mail from grade school history and that was so exciting that we forgot about the dates and how long it actually lasted!)

Yes, Storm was my boyfriend, but he was also truly my best friend.  We weren't riding high on  puppy love all the time.....  the resulting separation was, for me, flat out traumatic.  You might ask what the big  deal is,  everybody  goes off to college, most of the time breaking off any kind of romantic relationship previously held, and young adults at the age of 18 don't know jack squat about life.  I know a lot of kids are still irresponsible at that age, sexuality is heightened, most want to get away from their parents,  do some partying, join a fraternity or sorority, and throw some formal education in there somewhere that tends to get taken more seriously junior and senior year.  I guess that is quite a common path whether a public college or religious.  But, it wasn't part of my journey nor was it part of Storm's.  We were different.

If you're asking me if I felt that we were better than others our age, the answer is no, but we were emotionally smarter.  We both knew the answers in life did not lie in any of that teenage frenzy type activity that I just wrote about above.  Looking back, I now recognize the beginnings of the feeling of being religiously squeezed to death, but I suppose that is another post, or not one at all.  Although I am just barely into my 5th decade of my life, the majority of my dreams still focus around traumas or stress I faced as a very young adult and child.

Because I didn't sleep well when I was younger, and due to health reasons, I have always been a fan of afternoon naps.  I often find a nap helpful IF I  can fall asleep.  If I do fall asleep, I  tend to do exactly 3 things:   1) Sleep deeply  2) Dream vividly  3) Dream about sex.   I was well into my 30's the first time I ever had an orgasm in my sleep dream.  Most of the time, I wake up before that point, and as I am aging that part doesn't happen as much anymore.  I don't care either way.  I actually wake up feeling kind of stupid sometimes.  Good grief!

I feel stupid or embarrassed a lot about things pertaining to our sex life, but thank God that Storm doesn't criticize me or belittle me or even get turned off by things I cannot help.  I am also not allowed to be critical of myself in Storm's presence.  My body has changed very much from the athletic gal I used to be.  Childbirth and nursing are mostly to blame, I say.  Well, that and ice cream.  And pizza.  Body parts can change color, but I'm not BLEACHING anything.  Storm loves whatever it is just the way it is.  Bodies also make unexpected noises during sexual activity.  One chubby guy/gal lying on top of another chubby guy/gal causes the one underneath to gurgle or jiggle or get smashed like a pancake.  Noises come out.   Sometimes we have to concentrate very hard to "get there"......  Throw in a vibrator and there are just all kinds of noises both voluntary and involuntary going on, but Storm doesn't care.  I care though and I once gave up trying to "get there" and handed the vibrator back to him and said, "Take this thing away from me before I poop myself."  Quite a funny moment between us, but I was exhausted and annoyed at my body, and I knew it would make both of us laugh.

If you're thinking that I should  write some of my dreams down for whatever reason, the answer is no.  Real life is disturbing enough and often difficult to make sense of and I am not paying  good money to some interpreter who is mostly guessing as to what it all means anyway.

 My recurring "left at home" and variations on that theme such as me not being able to find or get a hold of Storm in any way plagues me.  In these dreams, I haven't heard from him when he was supposed to be home some said weekend or holiday...... it's a very unsettling feeling and I absolutely HATE those dreams.  However, something very interesting has happened.  That particular dream theme has suddenly mostly stopped!!!!  After 3 decades of marriage it finally stops?  What in the world has changed in the past year to  maybe have caused this?

My answer is that Storm and I finally have had just  barely enough privacy and time to really work on our version of what spanking means in our home.  I don't want to use the term "stepping up" because I think it can be unintentionally insulting.  Instead, I will say that Storm has over the past several months shown that he is willing and fully capable of stepping IN more often.  When he does this without my prompting him, the emotional weight that this takes off my shoulders offers me a more steady feeling.  It makes me respect him more to see that he has limits of what he will allow whether I am crossing them or someone else is.   He is in the process of making that final leap into what I feel that I need in order to truly follow him.  To use Meredith's phrase, for Storm and I, it is a leaning in.  It's making his feelings and his convictions much more important to me, to him, and we both like that it shaves off some of my hard edges.

It's not always easy to follow because I am an emotional and opinionated gal, but I am learning that I am safe with his decisions and processes when he takes command of the situation or problem.  Because our marriage, our vows, and our very romantic friendship stand on their own, hold deep significance and could never be replaced with anything more meaningful than that, I don't think I'd go as far to say that our version of ttwd is a dream come true.  But when it all goes right, it sure is a wonderful fulfillment of a special kind of wish.

And now, I need a nap.  Sweet dreams to you all....... Do you dream?  Please share with us.