Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Your Wooden Spoon

 I really enjoy cooking especially just for Storm and me because if we're having company then I have to do all the house cleaning and that stuff, whereas just everyday life here at home with Storm allows me to cook when I'm feeling well.  Storm is just such a good sport; he's never refused to eat anything unless I announce that it is awful and we're not eating it.  He loves when I experiment which puts me at ease in the kitchen. 

 My favorite part of cooking is the food preparation, especially chopping up various vegetables and herbs and spices.  My next favorite thing is stir frying with my nonstick pan and a wooden spoon.  I am in need of some new silicone cooking utensils and some wooden spoons to go along with my new non-stick pans, so I went looking online and found these...........

To say that I would not be able to concentrate in my kitchen with these things hanging around in plain sight is an understatement.  I'd be burning everything and then patient Storm might not be so understanding and might handily burn my ass with those paddle looking spoons. Then I wondered what you gals/guys would think, which in turn, led me to wondering if we all could have one saying on our own individual wooden spoon, what would yours say? 

I didn't mean to stir the pot?

Things are getting spicy in here?

Feeling saucy?  

If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Spoon me in the kitchen then fork me in the bedroom.

*Warning of icky medical picture below, and no it is not my clit or my tit*.  

My favorite thing is NOT slicing a bagel because this happened and I had to go to the ER....during the height of Covid in my state......... 5 stitches and a tetanus shot.   The adult daughter took out my stitches for me 8 days later so that I wouldn't have to go back into the ER a second time.  No, she is not a nurse, but she is a science gal, so I figured if the rednecks on YouTube could do it, so could she! 

Warning, here it comes:  Scroll down to the comment section if you don't want to look! 

All better!

So what would your wooden spoon say?



  1. Haha! I think my spoon would say "eat me." Lol. Or maybe, "Not Dishwasher Safe." (Hubby is the dishwasher in our house. Hehe...

    I have serrated my hand before attempting to slice a bagel before, so I'm familiar with that OUCH. I hope you're healed and relatively scar-less after that ordeal!

    1. Mrs. Fever,
      Oh, that is a good one I should have thought of! LMAO Eat me! Oh, sorry to hear you had a bad bagel experience as well. I am all healed now and have just the faintest scar that looks like an upside-down Nike swoosh, so that works for me! Windy

  2. Hi Windy,

    Well done on the Y lol and ouch on the hand! Hmm, we do have a paddle like wooden spoon that funnily enough may have been used more on my ass than cooking lol. I think mine should be called Scrappy lol.

    Stsy away from silicon!


    1. Hi, Roz! Thank you...gotta get all these letters in! Laughing about the spoon being used more on your ass than the cooking. Sounds good to me, Scrappy! I haven't been signing my comments with "hugs" because I am self-conscious of it now knowing people don't like it and some see it as a platitude. However, you are my friend, I would hug you in person if I met ya (if you let me), and you said hugs first here, so right back at ya! LOL Hugs, Windy

    2. I forgot to ask why stay away from silicon? I thought you might be saying it was dangerous to cook with, but research shows it's okay up to a certain degree. So what am I missing? Silicon implements hurt to be spanked with? I feel like I need to take this seriously since you took the time to warn me! LOL

    3. I wasn't aware people didn't like 'hugs', thank you, I will re think my sign off and yes, I would definitely hug you in person too :)

      Apologies for the confusion over silicon. I did mean stay away from it as a spanking implement. Wicked stuff!

    4. I'm sure a lot of people do like hugs. I wasn't telling you not to sign off that way. Just rethinking it myself. I will always hug you back though virtually or in real life! LOL

      I will take your advice on the silicone. HUGS!!!! :) Windy

  3. ok I am NOT reading here ever again while I drink my first cup of coffee - your finger made me (nearly) spew my coffee!! (shuddering)

    Once a long time ago - I went to a kitchen shop and purchased a LARGE - HUGE - GIGANTIC wooden spoon/paddle thingy for restaurant sized pots ..... brought it home - sanded it smooth - and stained it .. it was never used in any kitchen but was used on my ass - and we called it "board of education" It packed quite a whallop !

    AND I'm with Roz - stay away from silicon - even *I* find the sting a bit too much :) it's not bad for cooking though :)

    1. MorningStar,
      Woops! I didn't give you ample warning, eh? Yeah, it is pretty gross and I probably shouldn't have posted it, but whatever. You probably shouldn't read most of my posts with a mouthful of coffee anyway just in case they're funny..... or once in a blue moon, gross. :)

      Laughing at your gigantic paddle thing... sounds like a pizza oven oar. You got smacked with that, eh?

      I was confused at Roz's comment about silicone. I thought she meant it was unsafe to use for cooking. But now that you've said it the way you have, I get it. Really? Silicone hurts more than a wooden spoon? I've been spanked with a spatula or two and I think one of them was silicon. It hurts, but like almost anything, it depends how the weapon is wielded. I will keep a heads up on that though (and my ass!). Windy

  4. I had a rule for years to wear a cutting glove after I sliced the top of my nail and tip of two fingers. Good times! Eventually I asked if I could have that rule removed because wearing a cutting glove (aside from it being annoying) removed a great deal of the tactical joy of cooking for me. Plus slicing myself once in the 25 years we've been together doesn't necessarily make me a spaz. He really should have had me wear a burn suit. I burn myself far more than anything.

    B's favourite daily instrument is a silicone icer from Betty Crocker. It is like a mini paddle with a piece of metal inside for stability. It can be left out in plain sight- but to be honest, it would make a HORRIBLE icing instrument!

    Speaking of silicone, I have a silicone spoon in the kitchen, for actual cooking. It says, "You cook. I'll drink". I leave it around but B doesn't seem to get the message or that *I* should be drinking and he cooking. Pfft


    1. Ah, yes, Willlie, the cutting glove. I'm actually a klutz in the kitchen especially and get distracted easily and I am actually thinking about getting a glove. I do see where it would take away from the tactile sensations though. LOL @spaz. Oh burning, yes, I am guilty of that as well. Sheesh I should just get a hazmat suit.

      Huh, a silicone icer. I'm glad you described it. I will have to look it up.

      Oh, you actually have a wooden spoon with a helpful tip for B written on it, but he just isn't getting it, eh? I like regular Willie, but I also like Willie who has had a bit of wine. Conversation gets really interesting. lmao Windy

  5. We have more wooden spoons than you can shake a stick at - never used for cooking, and rarely for anything else. But on line and in stores I'm just drawn to them. They had such good one in Williamsburg, VA I nearly drooled. We didn't get any of them and I'm still disappointed.

    Your finger healed beautifully. I could have sewn it up for you - all my training at the vet hospital, you know. That I could have done, but sewing on a button is nearly beyond me. I only want to sew on things that will heal.

    One more thing on the spoons, Mollie has a vague idea of how we might use them for pleasure here at home. She refuses to have one in her house! LOL!

    1. PK,
      For some reason I could see you with a shopping cart full of nothing but wooden spoons. LOL Aw, yes, wish you would have gotten the one you wanted in Williamsburg.

      Thank you on my healed finger. It actually looks a lot better now than it did in the healing picture above. Just a faint little upside down Nike swoosh scar now.

      Oh gosh, Mollie is on to you guys, huh? I think our gal has opened the wrong drawer in our bedroom years ago because she won't put any laundry away for us anymore. lmao Windy