Sunday, November 24, 2019

Storm and Windy's Weekend - What We are Reading

Okay, I doubt this will be a weekly post with this heading and subject matter, but I might shoot for monthly and in the very least, an occasional weekend. Today, I'll keep it simple and share with you the latest books I have read and my brief opinion on each, but no spoilers.

A Woman is no Man -  Written by Etaf Rum from the perspective of a Palestinian-American woman about how women treat one another within their culture whether in Pakistan or in Brooklyn.    If you have read A Thousand Splendid Suns, then I'd say you don't need to read this one.  Both books are of a similar tough subject to read.

The Giver of Stars -  I enjoyed this book by Jojo Moyes thoroughly and I would recommend it for sure.  It is historical with a little romance here and there, but that is not the main thrust of the book, pun intended.   It is about a group of lady librarians who delivered books by horseback in Kentucky as part of Eleanor Roosevelt's traveling library.  I found it a fairly light and quick yet descriptive read.

I just finished reading The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides over the weekend and I LOVED it.  I'ts contemporary. A painter is in a psych ward and she has not spoken for 6 years since her husband's murder.  A therapist sets out to help her.  And that is ALL I am saying.  READ it.

Finally, here is what Storm is reading........ well, he is in the other room right now, so  you'll have to wait for the title.  It's something about science.  Laughing (at myself).  I have to give Storm a lot of credit when he tries to explain to me what he is reading......especially when he just brings it up himself.   Over the past several months, I have encouraged Storm to share with me whatever he wants, whether he thinks I would be interested in it or not..... his work, his thoughts, what he is reading, what he thinks about my nekkid booty ........ anything!   The man keeps too much to himself and although I mostly want to respect that he is somewhat of an introvert, I really want to know what it going on in that amazing brain of his.  He continues to surprise me with what he loves to read about......we're so different in this way, but I find it very attractive, actually.  Woo! Woo!   Nothing like an intelligent man who doesn't claim to know more than the average person. (HeLies/He'sGifted/He'sBeenTested.)

Recently, he begins with something like this, "Did you know.....?"  and I can tell you right now that the answer to that is ALWAYS going to be a big fat NO from me because I don't know science and I don't care about it either.  Unless he wants to tell me about it, like I said.   Oh here he is now.  Let me ask him the name of his book.   Oh, wow.  Laughing.  How did I forget this?   It's called, Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin.

He says and I quote, "It's about the finding of the fossil that is a link between fish and land animals.  It's basically a fish with hands."  Lord help me.   All I want to know is what kind of fish is it, what did whoever catch it on (what kind of bait), and if it tastes good when ya eat it!?!

Me, "So did they find this fossil? And where was it?"
Spoiler..... Storm, "Yes, they found it.  Way up North on Ellesmere Island in Canada."
 I repeat to him just now what I think he told me about this book the other day.  "So researchers have found in the embryo of a certain kind of salamander, an "organizer" part of it that if they remove some of this tissue and put it elsewhere within the embryo, then 2 bodies are created instead of one."   And then, "Scientists took a piece of the "organizer" from a chicken embryo and put it on a salamander embryo, then that embryo produces 2 salamanders, meaning twins. "  Why, we care, I do not know, but it is kind of interesting.

I ask Storm why we care about this.  He says, "Scientists are studying embryos to understand how bodies are built." 
Me, "So where are my fins?" 
He dumbs it down for me, "The idea is that life started in the water and as it evolved, it came on land."   Me trying to make his life difficult for bringing me into this discussion even though I asked for it, "So what does this say about the snake Satan in Genesis?"    Oh gosh, he is showing me diagrams now that remind me of my confusion since middle school science class -- evolution.  Basically, we came from one of those ugly fish I posted back in this post  - Fishing for a Spanking?   And with that,  I quit.  Except to say that I can basically sum up my life since turning 50 as the cognitive dissonance resulting from a lifetime of knowing about Genesis and recently learning just enough about evolution to make a person go crazy trying to connect the two.

What are you reading because I know you're not fishing?!!!

Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Meeting

October 31st .....

The trick-or-treaters will be here soon, and I could care less.  It is SNOWING here and it's blowing sideways.  But, that candy we bought certainly isn't going to eat itself and the more it sits around, the greater the chance it's going to end up in Storm's gut or my butt.  Not UP my butt -- but the carbs and sugar turned to fat will end up there!  If you're looking for anything "up the butt," I can tell you right now you're on the wrong blog!  HA!

Oh, now I am thinking of kinky nekkid things because I just said the word "butt" in the same sentence as  "Storm" and now all we need is the paddle and my story is all set to go!  Woo! Hoo!

Okay, so it's been about 2 weeks since we have had any of the above time together at all due to..... you know what?  Who cares why?!   It happens because of life getting in the way!

We had a short window of time together yesterday, and we spent it in the bedroom with Storm reacquainting  his paddle and my butt.  And, no, it did not say, "Fancy meeting you here!"  Although it was.  I wasn't in trouble......I've actually been very sweet lately, but we live a spanking life, so over the bed I go.  This wasn't planned, we just went with it, and we did not have time to be sexy afterwards.  Toward the end of this long meeting of the minds (my mind is apparently connected to my ass). the alarm on Storm's cell phone went off.  He suspends the spanking to go turn it off and then he announces that we only have 5 minutes left before his work conference call.  I wasn't disappointed because this was kind of a long, thorough spanking and I was almost ready for it to be over anyway.  Almost.  Grin.  A short time later, Storm finished up the business at hand and would soon turn back to his work business. Just before he leaves the room, however, he looks over his shoulder and says, "If you want to come into my office while you're naked, bring the lube."  I don't know what chemical or hormone or whatever it was, but it shot a little shock straight to my girlie bits.  Yikes!  Was he saying what I thought he was saying?

Two minutes later, he is in his office getting his headset ready for that phone call, and I showed up.  He seemed a bit surprised, happy, and so very ready to deliver.  I spent the next 10 minutes in his lap. I was becoming very aroused and a little vocal ...... and then the phone rang.  We paused for a few moments, I stood up, and Storm joined in on the call........ and then muted his connection so they couldn't hear anything.  He then put me in his chair and knelt next to me where his hands could reach all of me.  I could hear voices through his headset, but couldn't make out any of the words, not that I was trying.  I clarified with him that this would not be a visual conference call and that I hoped the camera to his computer was not hacked!  He reassures me and continued with the job at hand once again.  That was the best conference call I have ever been a part of!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Love our Lurkers Day -- To My Imaginary Friends

To me, you are invisible, except that I see the evidence of someone having been here when there is a change in the number of blog hits.  Is it you?  Are you here?  I know you don't comment, but I just imagine that you read, nod, smile, laugh, perhaps raise an eyebrow here and there, and maybe you even get spanked yourself!

To me, you are the blank page that I look at as I begin to fill it with words that I want to share with you and I hope they have some kind of meaning to you.

No, I have never heard from you, but you hear my voice every time you read my writing.  You know my sense of humor, what a few of my passions are, and even things that irritate me because I have chosen to share parts of myself here with you.  You even know that sometimes I drop my drawers (for Storm.)  That's pretty personal, Bub!

Are you ever tempted to comment here or to say hello via a little email?   Or have you actually not shown up yet but will do so in a year or two and read this and maybe I will still be here, but maybe I won't.  Who knows that far in advance?  But, it sure would be a shame if we missed one another.

Sometimes I hope for that email.  Sometimes I am scared of it, too.  I've had a couple of things happen via email that spooked me and/or crossed my boundaries.  It happens, but everybody moves on.

So for reading here and supporting me from near or far, I thank you.  If you're a gal (I don't email with dudes), how about you let me get to know you as well as you know me?   I dare ya.   What if I email you and we don't hit it off, Windy -- what if we don't feel that friendship spark?   My response is, "Oh, Dear Reader, but what if we DO?   What if I'm scared, Windy?  It's okay, I remember being very scared too, but I've learned that we take it slow and build trust from there always keeping in mind each others' comfort zones, availability, and willingness to share.

In any case, please say hello here if you feel like it.  Thank you for reading!  Happy LOL Day!

P.S. And for those of you who I have emailed with either a little or a lot, please feel free to comment here and/or drop me a line.  Just don't drop your pants.  Unless you want to!  Then make sure you tell me about it!

Sunday, November 3, 2019

I Know that Look..........

I know that face....... I know that feeling........

What face?  What feeling? 

I know that quick thump in a woman's heart...........

What thump in your heart?  

Of course, like you all, I am familiar with the thumping of the heart and the expressions on the face of a woman in love.  But, what I didn't know before TTWD was the face of a woman whose husband spanks her nor did I have the feeling of the thumping of her heart when her husband gives her that secret look or says that secret  phrase that only the two of them know that means she's in trouble and she'll pay for it by bending over the bed with a paddle just as soon as the time is possible.  It's almost a look of relief on the wife's face because she knows her husband is being consistent, true to his word, and holding her accountable, oh, and dominant!  Her countenance would be one of disappointment if he didn't catch it, call her out on it, or notice it.  Instead it's a look of vulnerability combined with a little bit of humor and a slight sense of dread at realizing she's busted.  And inside, there is a little heat going on that will later be rivaled by the heat of her spanked ass!  And THEN,  all of that fuels that unmatched TTWD sexual fire which makes you feel like teenagers again except now that we all finally know how our equipment works, sometimes it malfunctions.  Dang it!  LOL  Either way, a very interesting and unique kind of intimacy burns brightly.  And now, I am finally done with this paragraph because I have run out of synonyms for the word "heat."  You're welcome.

Something happens in a domestic discipline marriage that most others in vanilla marriages do not notice in public. But the wife knows and the husband notices, if he is on high alert, which he almost always should be when one is married to a gal with a peppy personality much like the ones that are strewn about our beloved blog land.  I don't know how much of it is visible to the unsuspecting eye.  Perhaps Storm and I  don't have anything to show outwardly.  <<Shrug>> We still feel new to it because our TTWD has been caged out of necessity and because of shitty things that have happened here the prior X amount of years.  It isn't about the outside anyway as I think a domestic discipline relationship is mostly covert.

But, I do think both friends and strangers alike see Storm and I for what we truly are.  I'm sure they don't see Storm being dominant and me as submissive.  And you know what?  It's a very subtle thing anyway, especially in public or in front of other people. Our husbands don't go around trying to boss and control everything. Yuck.  Are they in charge with gentle care? Yes.  Do they expect their wives to be themselves and have fun, but to be respectful? Yes.  Do they occasionally hear us ask if we can spank them for once instead because we're in the mood to push it ?  Laughing! Yes, but they often glare and spank right away when we take that risk!

On our most recent vacation, I think our TTWD friends saw that we are genuinely in love, that we listen to one another, and that we are are often touching, holding hands, but not in an obnoxious way.  Just while we're walking hand in hand or some affectionate little touches while watching a movie.  Or Storm reaching back behind his seat in the chauffeur mobile to grab my leg and flirt with me. I'm sure they saw that Storm is a gentleman.  He opens doors for me at home and on vacation.   He takes care of me.  I think they felt our sincerity with each other and our sincerity with them -- you know, that one thing in addition to a sense of humor that Meredith looks for when she is recruiting a new good blogger........sincerity.  (Boy, was I an easy catch!) 

There is one minor exception and that is that I was not as sassy around them as I am at home because heck yes, I was trying to be careful in front of another TTWD couple!  Duh!  No big deal though because I need practice keeping my mouth shut with Storm sometimes anyway. HA!  I blew it a couple of times on accident, but Storm and I worked it out in private whispers during site seeing.   Anyway, we were their guests, they clearly had everything under control, we had no complaints and we were so swept up in their hospitality and the sense of easiness among all of us and our willingness to get to know each other better that mostly all I could mange to do was just try to soak it all in.  And I'm glad I did because I still think about some aspect of our trip and our friendship with them almost every day.  I stuffed my brain with stories, with little quotes, ideas, scenery, snapshots, the fresh air --- oh, gosh, that fresh air!!!  And when my brain was full, I stuffed even more in my pockets.  And, no I do not mean that I pilfered their silverware!  But, I do have a couple of interesting rocks from their beaches.

Also, I am sure they noticed how intently we listened to all that they had to tell us and show us.  Storm is a very good listener, enjoys a wide range of topics and does way less talking than he does listening and I believe that is part of what contributes to his wisdom.  I am a pretty good listener as well when I want to be and this time, I really wanted to be.

So when we were climbing back into the comfortable chauffeur mobile after a tasty snack, I heard Meredith ask, "Jack, are we okay?" and then I heard his gentle and matter of fact response, "We will be tonight,"  I saw the look on her face -- the questioning twinkle in her eye and slight catch in her voice that means, "Do you have me, Jack?  Did I push it just a bit too far? " With the hope, not that she's going to be in trouble, but she's not quite sure if she is or not, but she suspects she should be......."   And, yes, Jack has her right there in his care. 

If I didn't know about TTWD, all that of that would have went right over my head, but because we're friends, I knew what it meant.   And I was thinking, "Ah, Geeze."  This is my friend and I don't want her to be in trouble at all, ever, but that is not how TTWD works and we signed up for all that we have to pay for later over the side of the bed.  So I laughed a little bit, then she laughed and smacked me on the arm for laughing.  I'm laughing as I type this.........

So, yeah, I know that look, that face, and that thumping of the TTWD heart because I experience it myself, and if you could have seen my face right before Storm spanked me to a Sunday afternoon freshly toasted bottom, you'd have seen that look, too.