Monday, April 27, 2020

The Penis: Do you see what I see?

I'm not sure any woman could forget the first time she saw a penis in person, face to face, whatever you want to call it.  While I won't describe the details behind the situation, I will say that the first time I saw a man's cock, it startled me.  It sounds stupid, but it took me about 3 Mississippi's to realize what I was seeing.   When I was younger, of course, I had seen babies private parts when I had to change their diapers.  Nothing startling there.  So when I saw my first adult penis, I thought it would look the same, but just bigger.  Nuh-ugh!

Do you remember those tan colored pvc pipes with a cap on them that used to stick out of the ground on empty lots here and there?  They were mostly flesh/pink colored.  That is kind of what I imagined a penis would look like.  Like the smooth underside part of a man's forearm ...... with possibly a red helmet on it.  

Good God was I wrong.  What shocked me the most was the color....... it never occurred to me that the blood rushing to it is what made it hard and kind of red and purple and angry looking like it wanted to shout, "Look at me and let me in!"   I stared him straight in his one eye and thought, I'm not sure you're going to fit, Mister! 

Well, after decades of marriage, I obviously know the look of Storm's penis quite well.  But it doesn't always look the exact same.   I find myself thinking one of four things when I see it:

1.  Okay, he's going to need some encouragement, teasing, and touching to get him going because he's looking a bit droopy. 

2.  Ah, look who is interested....... or is he?

3.  Oh, now, that's something I could definitely work with! 

4.  Where the hell did that thing come from?  I look up at Storm like What have you been eating?  And then I have a little (big) snack of my own!

Speaking of the shapes and sizes of penises, we've been ordering misshaped produce delivery through this company called Imperfect Foods, which I promptly renamed Fucked Up Foods after the second delivery....... Here's why:

Mr. Potato Head 
And Mrs. Potato Head

Storm named this one Jimmy The Nut.

Storm asks, "Does that one remind you of me?"

A tiny apple that I cannot resist holding in a baseball grip! 

If you're wondering what's with all the carrot shavings, they end up like this after I put them in the air fryer.

But sometimes they end in the basement with this little girl. 

The tiny apple was so cute that we decided to give her a taste of her very first little apple!  Press play to see her nibble for 20 seconds!

Monday, April 20, 2020

He Shed, She Shed

Technically, we weren't in a shed, but there was some whippin' going on 'round these parts!  Around my parts, that is.  Wait, I just mean my butt....... I 'm not into titty slapping.   Not my kind of kinky ouch.

Storm told  me to be ready for a  conversation in the closet in  45 minutes.  I assumed he meant naked and there would be some spanking going on as well as some talking because a couple of weeks ago or so, he cleaned the closet floor of all the clutter.   The man has been preparing in many ways for a while now. 

Let me back up a bit:  I got my necklace back with no formal announcement, no contract (not that I want one, but Storm has been reading, so how would I know?), and with no official conversation.  He just brought the necklace to me a while back, much to my surprise and confusion, if I am being honest, and told me, "I want my wife back."  Well, then!  I knew better than to pump my fist in the air in some kind of victory.  That's not how I felt.  I wasn't feeling proud of the fact that I had indeed been holding myself back from him; in fact, it felt pretty awful.  But, desperate times and all  that.  I had previously told him that I can't possibly give him all of me if we don't have some kind of a power dynamic going on along with the whole spanking thing. It's too much a part of my sexuality, heck, OUR sexuality.  He truly wants me to submit to him and wants to dominate and lead, but those things can't come from just one spouse.  We all know that.  So he has immersed himself into finding out how he can do just that.  Although I was puzzled, I knew enough to know not to ask him a hundred questions about what the terms were.  I put the necklace back on.  If the man  wants to lead, I needed to shut up and follow him. 

We started domestic discipline right there in that closet over a decade ago when Storm and I could still move around without our bones creaking and things hurting and going numb like they do now.  We had already been engaging in spanking as sexual foreplay, but had just recently discovered our first dd blog.   We learned to take our time conversing as he took his time spanking my butt.  When we do it the way that satisfies us both the most, it takes a lot of time, but it is so worth it!  Sexual activity follows and we were in there about an hour.  That's a long time to shift pillows around every time an adjustment for physical comfort was needed...... a berber carpet is not comfortable on naked skin.  (And Blogger is not comfortable with the spelling of the word berber.  Perhaps it feels that it has gone out of style.  I don't care because it's just a closet.)  

Storm went back to old school style, even reading from that website's archives to get himself in touch again with why we started all of this in the first place.  Although it is probably the most intense dd information and method type blog that we have ever encountered, it has some principles that are at the heart of a man being very dominant and the wife quite submissive.

So our kinky, aging bodies are in the closet ............. and Storm cannot use the paddle because it's too loud and anyone in the whole house could hear it.  Storm turns the fan on high, locks the bedroom door....... and then chose an implement that he bought at Home Depot 2 years ago at a time when we were having to find something very quiet.   Well, it may be quiet, but it HURTS.  Because we haven't used this in such a long time, I know to expect some room for adjustment and I expect some of my own frustration to come with that because I hate tentative experimentation even though I know that is the safe way to do things and that is what Storm will do.  The frustration never came, but the pain sure did.  I wasn't quite sure what to think and I was trying to shut the heck up and let Storm work it out.  I've never had a gag of any kind and I don't want one, but I really wished I had a hand towel or something at that moment to muffle the cries that I wanted to let loose.

  Deep breaths.   Oh, gosh, please stop hitting the same exact spot!  How many times is he going to--- ouch!   I seriously begin to think about using my safe-word.  Then I realize we don't really have one.... do we?  What is it ?   I think it might be Red.  Think, think, think.  Safe, sane, consensual, yes those are the concepts but none are my safe-word!  Wait, the three C's......  Consent, oh gosh, I can't remember.  Important C words...... what's a C word?   I find myself almost shouting in a harsh whisper, "Coronavirus!"   Certainly, someone shouting that awful word any place on the planet right now, would be cause for immediate, serious attention to stop whatever the hell we are doing!   Thank God that Storm paused to check on me and then he made some adjustments.  Whew!

Later, as we're both sprawled out naked and recovering in the closet, I tell all of this to Storm and he laughed really hard at that one.  Water bottles, water breaks....... stretching breaks....... blankets, pillows....... it felt like we were camping.   We had the sticks and I had an ass on fire, all we needed were some marshmallows and we'd be all set!  At other times, it felt like a bad floor routine at a middle-aged gymnastics meet.  All the bending over, and flipping from front to back.  His knees were red afterwards and no, he was not the one being spanked.  You know what he was doing!  

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Blah, Blah, Blog!

Recently, Storm has been stepping up with our power exchange relationship and I am thrilled to report that it is going as well as I could have ever hoped it would.  It has taken a crap ton of work by both of us.  I know it's frustrating when friends and bloggers just keep saying that communication is the key, but it really is, followed closely by intentional action and willingness to make it work.  The problem with saying that as bloggers is that it still leaves the new gals on their own.  To think that they're going to be brave enough to email us when they don't already have a dd/ttwd/d/s relationship going?  Most likely not, because they fear they won't be able to get into certain circles -- not that those visibly exist too much anymore.  But, readers aren't stupid.  They can tell you what bloggers are friends with other bloggers, who exaggerates, who seems to tell the truth, who thinks they are high and mighty, who is struggling, and which bloggers don't like or don't trust others, so we may as well  give them some credit if we want to change the intimidation factor of blog land.  And I do want to change how I present some things on my blog.

Anyway, they want to know, how do I ask my husband?  What do I do if he won't commit, how do I get him to agree to this if he is afraid of hurting me?   What if he clams up and doesn't want to talk about it?  And what do I do with that God awful feeling of rejection when he resists or fumbles or worst of all-- he says nothing?!  And readers, please keep in mind that as bloggers, we STILL have some of these same questions.

While there is no one answer to those questions, I think it's a disservice as a blogger not to offer some of the details that didn't work or did work, worked for a time, needed adjustments, etc.   I have often heard that those specifics are just for behind the blog.  My thought about that has always been the same although I only recently feel free enough to say what I truly think -- screw the confinement of behind the blog.  Not that there is anything wrong about developing friendships, but share your stuff with strangers and lurkers and women just like you and me who are trying to figure out how to pull that spanking relationship into their marriage when their husbands don't know what to do with the information presented to them by their wives.

I'm not looking to coach anyone, but I certainly don't know how one would go about that without revealing specifics.  When I first joined blog land, I hit a surprising wall of questions the likes that I had never seen before.  Honestly, I felt grilled and kind of invaded.  I was the new gal..... why were others asking me all kinds of questions?  I thought I was here to learn from them!  Laughing.   Eventually, I figured out that women just want to know what others' power dynamic relationships are like so they can compare it to their own, get some fresh ideas, help them identify what might work for them if it's working for someone else, etc.  And because we have many personalities here in blog land, we all go about things in our own way and there isn't anything wrong with that for the most part.  Some gals get more excited than others, some are more reserved, some are more aggressive and want to lead, others would rather watch and learn.  As long as respect prevails, most of these methods are harmless.   That is something I wish I would have realized two years ago.  It would have saved me a lot of heartache and I know this to be true for others as well.

I do feel that I am, in general, an open person.  Others might disagree or feel that the are way more open than I am and that is okay with me.  I do want to continue to share the developments of our power dyanmics here at When The Storm Whispers to the Wind.  There have been some interesting ones ....... and it's working.   Looking forward to sharing.  I hope you'll do the same here and throughout blog land.   Please stay tuned as I continue to blah, blah, blog!!