Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Fisher Girl Hooks Inspiration

Imagine how men feel when they visualize women at  a baby shower, or a gaggle of us shopping together, or hear us on the phone (not gossiping -- pfft!)  Well, I along with my only female friend with whom I go fishing, feel just like they do when we're fishing among men.  It's incredible. They never shut up!  There's an old wives (ironic) tale that one is supposed to be quiet when fishing otherwise he might scare the fish away. I have rarely met a quiet fisherman around here. They are jabbering on about everything, but mostly fishing tales.  If a fisherman is telling his pals or his gals fishing  stories, it usually means one of two possibilities:  One, he isn't  currently catching any fish because he wouldn't be yammering if he was, and two, he's exaggerating if not flat out lying about the fish that he says he did catch.

These fishermen's stories and antics are sometimes hilarious out here at the creek. It's especially funny to me because I did not grow up with brothers nor do Storm and I have any sons, so I am not used to the testosterone overload in the air.  The guys greet each other like this, '"Hey, what's up, Dickhead?" That is considered friendly!  They actually do call their wives "old lady."  If you forget a fisherman's name, don't worry, simply call him Joe -- you'll be right about 50 percent of the time.  There's so many Joe's that they've been categorized into Old Joe, Little Joe, Just Joe........And if you are wrong, then try Don, Big Don, and lastly Jim/Jimmy!  

Me, at the top of my favorite creek.

Here in my state, it isn't as common for  women to fish as it is for men, but this is especially true for river fishing for salmon and trout.  We have to wear the cumbersome waders and heavy boots, then stand in the water with the current and it's challenging no matter what gender one is.  We have to be so careful with river fishing because of the huge treble hooks we use.  They come flying out of the water at us when we're fighting in the river against the current and the hooks get snagged (caught) on river rocks, logs and all kinds of stuff.  If we pull on our lines too hard, while we're  trying to yank our hooks free, here comes the heavy metal treble hooks and fishing lines flying right at your face, chest, whatever.  I have been hit, but I have not been hooked. My friend has though and I will spare you the story.  

There are no manners out there whatsoever -- just smoke floating around from the all the chain smokers. What multitaskers!  I was fishing with my gal pal and her husband one day and their friend, Don, showed up to fish alongside us.  They're jabbering and then all of a sudden, a clear plastic jug filled with what looked like apple cider was pulled out of a cooler and it was passed around.  I didn't want to be rude, but come on, man.  Seriously? You guys, it was moonshine!  Laughing!  No thank you. Then another time, 2 guys decided they were going to smoke a joint right behind me. Really? I made it through high school and college and had never seen a joint or smelled one and there I was in my 40's under a bridge.   Had I been at an underage party and somebody pulled out a joint, I'd obviously have left, but I  didn't move because I was FISHING in a really good spot!  

A few fishermen are outright rude when they take another's fishing spot.  One NEVER take another person's spot when he turns his head to get into his tackle box or something.  Fishing etiquette is that we ASK if we can fish next to a person if it's a bit crowded or if he's in a really good spot that kind of takes up the whole creek.  It works out because as a person casts her line upstream and her hook and  bait floats downstream, the gal next to you then does the same thing, so we don't get in one another's way or cross lines which causes a big tangle.  We develop a steady rhythm with that person and it is no problem because we're both actively fishing in a good spot. 

One afternoon, a whole group of guys speaking a different language tried to take over the whole dang creek and since a bunch of us were already there, it was not etiquette for them to do that. (It doesn't matter they weren't speaking English, but they were using it to play dumb like they didn't know any better and couldn't be bothered to ask us. They weren't visitors or vacationers either. They live here.  Just use hand motions to ask. We're not dumb, we'll get it.)  But they all had waders on and just went right into the water and stood right in front of us.  RUDE.

These are BIG fish in the creek, so when a person feels a fish on the line and sets his hook (jerks his line) , he yells, "Fish on!" and everybody else quickly reels their lines out of the water because these salmon/trout are going to give you the fight of their lives and yours  as they zip around the whole dang river  trying to get the hook out of their mouths. So one of the assholes in the group has a fish on.  It's a big one like the one in the picture below.  I then I noticed that when he had cast his line, it went over the tree tops, part of it was still caught there, but the rest of his line landed in the water with the baited hook and a fish hit it and was on th hook.  So this guy is trying to reel in a fish with his line stuck in a tree 20 feet up above.  I laughed my ass off.  He deserved it.  He lost the fish and we were all glad! 
This is a trout that I caught and Storm was preparing to clean it.

There are many parts to this river system that flow into the big lake. It's so interesting because there is one river with a big dam and it's incredible to see the salmon try to make it up that.  However, this area is so trashy in all the ways that term could possibly describe, so I have only been there twice.  I would not be surprised if a dead body came floating by when we were there.  Yeesh. These fisherman dudes look like they walked fresh out of the woods from the movie Deliverance. And if a dead body did come upon my fishing spot, as much as the serial killer stuff interests me in books and movies, pffftttttt.... no way would I hang around for the police. I would take my own advice that I give to any of you if your ttwd  man is mad at ya and has a paddle in his hand :  RUN!!!

More than once, this jerk named Big Don who lied the most about everything, shows up to fish.  And then the DNR (fish and wildlife police) came to check our fishing licenses and Big Don had to show him his permit to open carry because he was wearing a gun!  And this guy is not a nice man. Eek!  Do you see why Storm has to go with me and read his book while I fish? Because it is way too dangerous for a gal to go by herself here. You should see the looks and reactions we get sometimes because I am the wife doing the fishing wearing all my gear standing in waders in the rushing current. Storm is in his camp chair reading computer books or nonfiction whatever. Then the person starts talking to one of us, finds us a complete conundrum, and almost always ask Storm, "You don't fish?"  Interesting that they don't look at me and say, "You don't read?"  (I actually do!) 

This is my favorite creek, the nice one ...... this is my inspiration.  I have fished from light to dark here so many times I've lost count.  We only fish here during the salmon and trout runs, when they're going upriver to spawn so about 2 months out of the year.  

I don't know what some men are thinking when they're jabbering away to me at the creek.  This one older man just assumed I didn't know what I was doing so he was telling me all about how to river fish when I had been there a lot and this was clearly his first time fishing because I had never seen him before and he was standing in one of the worst places of that particular creek to fish because that's not where the salmon gather before they decide to go up the waterfall.  But whatever, I don't care if people talk to me while we fish.  Then he starts talking about his boat and pretty soon I am thinking, dude I am married.....shut the hell up........ but I also thought what if I suddenly found myself on my own, Storm dumped me or something ?  Could I manage to tolerate this kind of older gentleman? .......I came to the conclusion, yeah, if I absolutely had to, I could blow him.  I then walked up the bank and told my only fishing gal pal about my ridiculous thought and she about died laughing with her smoker's cough. She is a really good fisher girl, much better than I am for sure.  She reels the big ones in just as easily as the men. And she's little.  She inspires me when she hooks one!

Do you think men talk as much as women when they're in groups of men?  Or do we as a gaggle of ladies out jabber them all?

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  1. Baaahahaha! Well, I wasn't expecting that ending!!! "If I absolutely had to..." HA! I don't normally go in for acronyms, but seriously: LMFAO over here!

    And woot -- look at you go, with FGHI all in one post!

    *hat tip*

    You can take a breather if you'd like -- in the normal course of things, J doesn't need to be ready til next Monday. :)

    P.S. Did you ever get my comment on your Love Shack post? I think maybe the internet ate it...

    1. Hey, Mrs. Fever! Well, if I surprised you, that is a very good thing, I think. I'm not all hearts and rainbows over here on my blog, sometimes I can get a little raunchy. It' fun!

      No, I did not get your comment on my Love Shack post, dog gone it! I wonder what happened?! Bummer!

      Yes, I wrung out the HI to go with FG because I can't keep this writing pace up! I don't know how you gals do it. Whew! I am in no way used to posting every day, so I am glad when the combo letters work out.

      Thanks for making laugh at your response. Loved it! Hugs, Windy

    2. Honestly, I've learned to work ahead on this project. So I write posts -- 5 or 6 at least -- in February and March and pre-schedule them so I have less to actually type out once April comes. So with that, and with combining letters, it's more like a 'normal' pace for me.

      I totally hear you about the pace! But - especially considering that you didn't have a head start - you're doing great! Combining letters definitely helps. And it's not called a "challenge" for nothing! ;)

    3. Mrs. Fever,
      I am working on posts all throughout the alphabet .... not just concentrating on the current post. Hard to plan in the middle of all of it instead of having been ready ahead of time, but I will hang in there! Yes, it's definitely a challenge! Thanks for the encouragement. Hugs, Windy

  2. Hi Windy,

    LoL, I enjoyed reading this fishing yarn lol. Didn't realise there was so much more to fishing lol. Totally think a group of guys together talk as much as girls. Just not the same stuff.

    Well done on nailing the challenge lol


    1. Hi, Roz! Crazy the stuff other than fishing that goes on, yes! I think you are right about guys yapping. Laughing @not the same stuff! True! Thank you regarding the challenge. It's definitely, well, a challenge. LOL! Hugs, Windy

  3. mmmmmmmmmmm Windy - (raising an eyebrow) isn't that cheating?? F G H I all in one post?? WINDY are you CHEATING??!!


    when I first found your blog - I used to refer to you (in my mind) as the one who fishes... or the one who fishes with her father... you fascinated me.. cause I hear fishing and usually go ewwww poor fish.... (I'm definitely not into fishing in case you hadn't figured that out)

    I used to have a cottage in the Laurentians of Quebec (mountain area) and friends used to come up to fish on the lake... I opted to sit on the deck and read..... IF they caught something it had to be very dead and very cleaned before it could come into the cottage..... I didn't want to see any eyeballs looking at me when it lay in the fry pan LOL

    1. MStar! Lauging! No, it is not cheating. It's the opposite. It means I'm winning! LOL I can't write these posts every dang day. I guess I could write snippets, but that's kind of not what I do. However, this challenge is not over yet, so I may do just a snippet or two sometime soon.

      I hear you on the cleaning the fish outside and no eyeballs inside. I actually do not clean the fish. I refuse! If there is no one that will clean the fish, I throw them back. I have done it twice on a salmon...... yuck.

      Thanks for keeping an eye on me to make sure I am playing this writing game correctly. haha Thanks for the laughs! Hugs, Windy

  4. Having the chance to spend time with people without any willingness to follow etiquette, of being accosted by random men in the woods (glad Storm is always there), being condescended to by other fishermen, possibly getting a huge hook in my face or chest - what's not to love? You may not have convinced me of the joys of fishing, but I love the read!

    1. PK,
      I guess I didn't make it sound so glamorous, eh? Well, that is river fishing. It's totally different when I am with my dad at his lake. Tiny hooks. Calm lake at night. That's lovely. I hope to write about that again as soon as I get to go with my dad this summer. Glad you enjoyed reading this though! Thank you! Hugs, Windy

    2. Fishing with your dad, now that sounds nice.

    3. It does! Gotta get my vaccine first and then I'll be gone fishin'!

  5. My one and only experience of fishing was many years ago as a teenager, and I went out with my uncle in a little rowing boat, whilst out there I needed to go toilet and was promptly told to hang my backside over the side of the boat! was mortified, I know what was I expecting! lol

    Did laugh at the end, well let's hope you never have to know if you would :)

    I do think men talk as much as women when in groups but I think perhaps very differently.

    1. Hi, Claire! You know, that is the one time when I actually do have penis envy....when you have to go over the side of the boat or somewhere outside....difficult to hide my big fat white ass! LOL

      Pleased to hear you laughed at the end. I wouldn't enjoy it, that's for sure! LOL And I didn't say anything about "swallering it"! BARF

      Yes, I believe men talk differently as well from what I have overheard at the creek. Eek! Hugs, Windy

  6. Bwahaaa, no gossip 😉

    B is NOT a fisherman. He likes it he just sucks. He once caught a tree ( your post reminded me if that). My BIL used to work for the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources which arguably has a better acronym to your DNR. Lol). We have a licence here called a conservation licence which basically is if you just want to fish now and again, you have limited amounts of fish you can keep. He told me they should have an even lower class one called the Barney Rubble one. I kid you not the kids would only let me take their fish off the hook because once B did that was it- no more bites. My BIL said he's heard of people who have an oil on their skin that repells fish. Said he never believed it until he met B. Lmao.

    My niece's husband is a fly fisherman. We all went to cottages one summer on a river. He got in shirtless to practice. OMG! My other sister (not his mother in law) kept chanting, " stop looking, he's married to your niece". Lmao.

    Sorry I'm late to the party, a lot going on - some good some bad. Lol


    1. Willie,
      You mean we're not "above the fray"? *rolls eyes*

      Aw, Mr. Rubble, I mean B.... let the poor guy fish, y'all! Have someone take him to a stocked lake or pond, then he'll catch 'em all!

      I know with the DNR ....isn't that ridiculous acronynm?

      I'm impressed you took the fish off the hook!

      LMAO drooling over your shirtless kindof nephew! I do not fish with my shirt off. I wouldn't impress anyone and would scare some away!

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment during good and bad times over there. I hear ya! Hugs, Windy

    2. What do you mean your surprised I took the fish off the hook? Lol. I used to fish in my youth. I even have a prize worthy fish stuffed on our wall. Lol

    3. A STUFFED fish? LMAO There is no such thing. You may have its skin, head, teeth, and tail wrapped around some fiberglass or something. LOL Yes, I am surprised about you fishing. I don't remember ever having a fishing conversation with you. I believe you, but I just wasn't aware. And I'm old and maybe I forgot. Anyway, it's wonderful you used to fish. Get down here and fish with me! You are welcome to take my fish off the hook all day if you want! LOL

    4. *ahem* I said a prize worthy fish stuffed ON my wall not a stuffed fish on my wall. Lol. And no we've never talked about fishing. So you haven't lost your mind/ memory

    5. Ah, verb, not adjective. LOL So tell me more about the prize fish already. What kind is it? How big? Where'd ya catch it? Gol, the stress of the past however many years has done a number on my mind. So many of us across the world tryin' to hang on!

  7. Windy: How i laughed through this entire post, it just happens that i am currently being pressured into going river fishing ;-) And while i'm still not convinced, your post almost made me reconsider.

    1. Bleue,
      Well, if you like to fish, I say give it a shot. If you have never been fishing or do not like it then do not go unless you just got to listen to the water and watch salmon or trout run up the waterfalls. Or take a book. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend actually fishing in the river unless you're ready for a step up from easy lake fishing. But, if you do go, please let me know how it goes! LOL! Hugs, Windy