Monday, July 5, 2021

No Spankin'

 Anybody out there getting spanked this summer?  Not me!  Storm and I do not currently have a ttwd bone to be found between us.  Even his bone hasn't been between us.  Ugh!   Here's why.......

I am having chronic UTI's...... I have been since our honeymoon over 30 years ago.  It's insane, but whatever.  It is what it is, sex is almost always the event that triggers it and then I have an extremely hard time getting healthy again.  I finally saw a specialist this week who will work with me on some things, so that is good anyway.  So if there is no sex and there isn't, then there is no spanking.  And if there is no spanking, there is no ttwd.  And if there is none of that, then there is zero submission on my part and Storm isn't going to dominate under those circumstances, so here we are.  Big breath......

I did get better for about 2 weeks a bit ago, but that was when we all got our second vaccine shots (Yay!) and Storm had a scary reaction from it (Booo!)  He had a fever that just shot up out of nowhere.  Eek!  Thank God for a long distance doctor in our family and instructions on what to do....... 24 hours later, it was gone, but he had the nastiest sore throat for the next 2 weeks..... the very same 2 weeks I was feeling better.  Our timing was off, dog gone it, so while we usually can take advantage of those times when I'm healthy, this time we couldn't because he was too sick.  

We have had one big fight in the past couple of months and it didn't have anything to do with ttwd.  It's actually a relief not to be constantly aware of the work that a power exchange relationships requires.  I am sick of it, to be honest.  Yes, it's illness that got in the way of it all, but Storm and I mostly get along so much better without the ttwd than we do with it.  Of course, we miss the kinkiness and all that that entails, but we just have some family stuff to figure out and it wasn't getting better with us trying to bring ttwd into it anyway.  

To sum up the problem, I'll just say that parenting an adult child has been the biggest challenge of our marriage and really hit us hard the past couple of years.  It takes a toll for the whole family to get through an illness together and then a whole lot of healing physically and emotionally, especially for the kid.  Things are going better for her now, but I found myself suddenly dealing with a half empty nest kind of thing for the first time.  When decisions are being made that I would not make myself nor would I advise certain things, but I have to be the mom because I am needed and I have to advise under challenging circumstances, I can't look to Storm for suggestions regarding mother-daughter things.  He tries, but it just makes things worse because he isn't a good communicator.  So I threw ttwd out the window regarding this area of our lives.  Mother knows best ..... I'm not sorry.  It's true.   There are things that I am better at and I am tired of trying to get his input first when I don't need it and he doesn't want to give it anyway.  lmao  I do want his support though and we are working on that ........ And I would not want to be him dealing with 2 adult females, one of which is perimenopausal, in the house.  He is like a deer in the headlights.  Poor guy.  Laughing. 

To keep myself busy and entertained, I usually write, but obviously, I have not been doing that because I couldn't possibly self reflect any more than I already have been this summer or I'd have barfed all over this blog every day.  I couldn't do that to myself nor did I want to do that to those of you who read here.  Instead, I have been gardening like crazy with 2 raised garden beds ........

Then our neighbor did some remodeling and threw out some wood that I painted and made this:

My other neighbor saw what I was doing and then gave me an old wooden pallet that I painted and made this:

And finally, with extra wood we had in the garage, I actually built this guy myself:  

So I am busy tending to all of that especially now that the vegetable garden beds have tomato and cucumber vines growing like twisted pubic hair all over the place!  Here's pictures from tonight:

That's what I'm up to and where I've been.  No spanking here.  "Bout to get some brand spankin' new tomatoes and peppers soon though!   How about you?  Any spanking out there?